French fan murdered by hooligan lynch mob

Brice was a Toulouse supporter who came here out of love for his team. I hope he is remembered by them.

Brice Taton, the 28 year old French football supported attacked by football hooligans on September 17, has died from his injuries.

On behalf of the Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club I would like to extend our sincerest condolences to his friends and family.

The lynch mob that killed him are now murderers. They will face murder charges now, and almost certainly life in prison. Their lives are destroyed too. For nothing.

I hope there is an outpouring of popular outrage here  in Serbia. I really want to see ordinary Serbs stand up and make their voices heard on this.

In other cities, if a tourist is killed, there are protests. Officials apologize, church services are held for the family and flowers placed at the scene of the crime.

In Copenhagen a few years ago an Italian was killed accidentally by a street gang. Half the city took to the streets in a protest at the killing.

That is what we need to see here.

Serbia cannot allow passivity to win on this. There needs to be action and open denunciation by the masses.

The people who did this are a tiny part of a much larger group of thugs and extremists causing mayhem in Serbia today. They need to be repudiated by their fellow citizens. They need to see that this sort of thuggery and violence is unacceptable in a decent society and ordinary people will not stand for it.

Today, once again, the words “Serb” and “Serbia” will synonymous with “violence”, “savagery” and “brutality” as this makes headlines across the world. What sickens me is that this is so desperately unfair. The people of this country are more welcoming, hospitable and friendly that one could hope to meet anywhere in the world. This city is one of the safest places in the world. This an abomination, an inversion of the spirit of Belgrade, it is the city’s vicious alter ego.

So let’s see it Serbia. Let us see your anger and rebellion against the thugs and extremists who murder and beat your guests on your streets. Is this the sort of thing you are going to tolerate? If the answer is NO, then please come and join the protest walk on Thursday 1st of October 5pm, From Plato to the Victor monument in Kalemegdan.

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  1. NYCBG65

    R.I.P my sincere condolences to the family ! A tragic loss of a young life, taken away by worthless hooligans! But such hooligans can be found anywhere in the world ! !
    As a Serb I assure foreigners that this is NOT at all who we are !!!

  2. Stefan

    Johnatan,dont be so naive.One attack on foreigner could be isolated incident , but 4-no way.It is obvious that it was organized and staged.
    Violence was organized and provoked by the foreign secret services who are controlling Serbian government and who are using mob and the hooligans for dirty jobs.The did it on demonstrations against Kosovo independence when they burned American embassy and on peaceful meeting against Karadzics arrest when violence broke out . In both incidents two innoncent Serbian civilians were killed.
    You said yourself- the only one who benefit from this events are Serbian enemies.
    Everyone in Belgrade knows that,talk to people,dont beleive in lies of official news and antiserbian B92. Yesterday, former Milosevic associate and chief editor of Politika Hadzi Dragan Antic was guest on B92. He was asked to comment on attacks against foreigners and he said exactly the same. And he knows what he is talking about, because he was part of the regime and he is very familiar with that kind of dirty methods.
    Thats why gay pride was announced-to provoke more hatred and violence among Serbian people who were against homosexuals, and to create atmosphere of lynch. And to bring more money from the western NGOs to the Serbian organizers of course.
    The only goal was to ban youth patriotic organizations like 1389 and Obraz who are openly against USA and EU and who are criticizing prowestern and antiserbian domestic government and also to distract public attention from catastrophic economic situation in the country.

    Dont put blame for such barbaric and antiserbian act on 1389 and Obraz.
    Serbian nationalists have nothing against foreigners who are living in Serbia if they are not working for antiserbian NGOs. You are living in Belgrade and you are familiar with Serbian hospitality. Americans and brits who are living in Belgrade never experienced any problems not even during the bombing of the capital.
    Also,1389 never used violence in any of their actions and they decided to join the protest walk against murder of Brice Taton.
    Both organizations are small and insignificant,with no real power.Their members are mostly the teenagers and students.
    But they are very loud and sharp in opposing the western occupation of Serbia and secession of Kosovo.That is why they are a main target of this brutal and repressive campaign of the prowestern regime in Belgrade and NATO secret services.
    They sent the leaders of these movement in jail without any proof and it will be very interesting to see how they plan to sentence them when there is nothing in their past activities which is connected with criminal or breaking the law.
    In the same time,the biggest mobsters and drug dealers in Serbia are free to drive in their jeeps through Belgrade and to sell dope to kids in schoolyards.

    Maybe the attackers on Brice Taton will be sentenced for life but I am sure the real organizers and inspirators of the attack would never face justice.
    Like Clinton and Blair….they never stood in front of court for crimes they have committed in Serba.The biggest mobsters are untouchable.

  3. Danilo

    “Serbian nationalists have nothing against foreigners who are living in Serbia”

    Except…. and I’m going to take a wild guess here, if they happen to be gay.

  4. jd


    I will be doing a post on what you have said because I do think there are interesting angles on this and in Serbia nothing is as it seems.

  5. Tobias

    Very interesting what you’re saying Stefan.
    It’s true that there were never any attacks on foreigners before these past ones. (at least we never heard of them). This all seems very fishy indeed…

  6. Viktor

    Hooligan groups controlled by foreign services sounds too much like a conspiracy theory to me than the truth. After reading football supporters’ and right wing forums it seems to me that these groups simply have nothing better to do in their lives than this, and there are thousands of them, willing, frustrated and eager enough (and idle enough, ie jobless) to pull this of. And it’s not so difficult for them to organize themselves these days. We think that it’s something deeper behind it, but I’m afraid it’s pretty simple case of violence=fun.

  7. Rob

    Ban the Serbian football teams from ALL European competitions for a very long time,after all if it was good enough for the English after those scum Liverpool fans killed 39 Italians then it should be good enough for others.


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