Free Wi-Fi Zone in Students Park Vandalized

by Limbic on June 19, 2008

Typical Belgrade anti-street art defacement
Typical defacement of a Dorcol building

Telenor recently launched a free wi-fi zone in Student’s Park (Studenski Trg) Belgrade.

The idea was to allow “Students and people will be able to hook up to the Internet using their laptop by using wireless or USB links”

I heard last night that the installation lasted 4 days before Belgrade’s notorious vandals and spray-paint defacement scum managed to destroy it.

Vandals are very active in Belgrade, with the usual “Dragan hearts Ivana” type scrawl competing with hooligan gangs marking territory (only to have their tags crossed out, as above) and abortive political campaigning declaring “Kosovo is Serbia”.  You can see some more examples of this wall spam here.

Thankfully there is a very active and genuinely talented stenciling underground led by TKV that has Belgrade decorated with some superb stencils and some great political messages.

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Cp6uja June 20, 2008 at 3:21 pm

well, to put something – in this case fingers – in the ass is maybe where you come from a civilized political message.

AND there isn´t a need for such proof, that you´re british.

we already know, you shithead!

ps: go home!

Jonathan: I am not British and Belgrade is my home.


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