Fathers driven to desperation by hostile courts

by Limbic on April 8, 2013

From Denmark comes this grim story of a father driven to commit desperate and illegal acts to kidnap back his son, awarded to him by the Danish courts, from his mother in Austria. 

Yet another case of fathers driven to desperation by biased courts. 

A court in the Austrian city of Graz has halted the trial of a Danish man accused of kidnapping his son from his estranged wife after he failed to show up for the court hearing yesterday morning. According to Austrian news bureau APA, the case cannot be completed while he remains absent.

Thomas Sørensen’s lawyers had expected him to turn up for the case but told the presiding judge that he was concerned about the possibility he would be sentenced to prison. Sørensen was given a one-year suspended sentence last year for unlawful imprisonment, child abduction and serious assault for going to Austria and taking his son, Oliver, who was five at the time, out of the car belonging to his Austrian mother, Marion Weilharter, while she was dropping the boy off at kindergarten. A co-conspirator held Weilharter down while Sørensen grabbed Oliver and subsequently drove him back to Denmark.

…The Danish courts have already ruled in favour of Sørensen and consider the case closed, but the courts in Austria gave sole custody to Oliver’s mother Marion Weilharter.

Facing kidnapping charge, father stays away from Austrian trial | The Copenhagen Post | The Danish News in English

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