Economic Crisis Round-up


I have been waiting for the dust to settle and for some informed commentary to emerge. Here is the first crop of interesting links:


Douglas Rushkoff on the Crisis 1

Douglas Rushkoff on the Crisis 2

The Fuel That Fed The Subprime Meltdown by Ryan Barnes (Investopedia overview)

The fatal banker’s fall – Financial Times

Taleb’s Warning by Richard Fernandez

Thoughts on the Financial Crisis – Tim O’Reilly (of O’Reilly Media fame)

Audio & Radio

The Giant Pool of Money – (also see Planet Money – Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson (the guys who did that program) have a new daily, free podcast and blog applying that same explanatory power to each day’s breaking news on the financial crisis).

This American Life “Another Frightening Show About the Economy

Enforcers, Act II “Now You SEC Me, Now You Don’t”

A great episode of Fresh Air, in which Terry Gross interviews Michael Greenberger, a former director at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He gives a very helpful, lucid primer on the current financial picture.

A follow-up Terry did with Greenberger, just as good, when the government bailed out AIG in mid-September.

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