East German and Nazi propaganda site [propaganda]

by Limbic on June 26, 2003

Caption: A quotation from Stalin: “The fundamental principles of modern
capitalism can be put this way: Guaranteeing maximum profits through
the exploitation, ruination and enslaving of the majority of the population
of the given country, through the systematic plundering of the people in
other countries, in particular the undeveloped nations, and finally through
war and economic militarization. All these contribute to high profits.”

This site is wonderful. Exerpts from pamphlets and bookets on subjects such as “Oral Agitation” and “On the General Improvement of our Political-Ideological Work Among the Masses”. There are posters of Marx, Engles and Lenin, ” and My workplace: My battleground for peace“.

I like this graphic, “The “Mach mit” movement was a “voluntary compulsory” activity that got people to clean up their neighborhoods, etc. These four graphics urge people to clean up, plant, repair and renovate.”

Here is a whole chapter on Agitation in Military Units.

This is an extremely sad article from a contemporary daily newspaper about the horrible toll of the Allied bombing. It is called Unexpected Consequences – The Bombing War: Overcoming and Revenge by Hans Schwarz van Berk

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