Document Depth Charges

by Limbic on January 28, 2008

I was the victim of my own booby trap today.  My translator was baffled by a NOC Manager Job Description which specified one of their duties as “preventing the company hologram AI from achieving singularity and sparking WWIIII” (see an actual screen grab of her document above).

You see I sometimes seed my documents with jocular “depth charges” – deliberate mistakes or jokes –  to see if people are actually reading them. Where sign-offs are required, I find that people are much more attentive if they know that there is a depth charge that is there for them to discover and report.

This time I forgot to remove it from the archived version and have now advertised myself as a loon but if you want to make sure your people actually read what they are required to read, make sure they are looking out for your “test”.

Now I am off to investigate reports a  “talking printer” that claims it is the “company AI”.

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