Distributed Protests [Kuro5hin]

by Limbic on August 15, 2003

“When I went to the June 23rd protest against Bush and his abuse of the office of President, I held up a provocative sign, “Why did Bush block the investigation of the 9/11 attacks?” The protest was large and loud – as it should be. A few thousand people showed up, but many of them could not find a place to stand in the pens that were set aside for the protest.

After the protest, I walked to Bryant park – with my sign – and noticed that I got a lot more attention as a “lone-protestor”. People came up to me and asked questions. Everyone in sight plainly read my sign, and many people asked me to turn it – so they could get a better view.

It dawned on me that another way to protest is for everyone to simply carry a sign on the street, on a designated day. That way more people will see the message. Imagine how powerful it would be that when you went to work, or to the shops, saw a person carrying a sign on every block, no matter where you looked and as far as you went.

For those of you familiar with networking, it’s analogous a D-DOS versus a DOS attack… provably a more powerful method, even with comparable bandwidth. An excellent and pertinent article on the decentralized coordination of large groups can be found here.”

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