Devops classic: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr

This presentation is a classic, one of the founding media of the Devops movement.

The summary of the presentation is the kernel of what we know as Devops today:

  1. Automated Infrastructure
  2. Shared version control
  3. One step build – code to set of files in one step
  4. One step deploy
  5. Shared metrics
  6. Use IRC and IM Robots (they use IRC and squirt logs and alerts into their IRC stream. Search engine indexes them.)
  7. Culture
    1. Shared Run-books and Escalation plans
    2. Healthy attitude about failure – plan to respond, not just prevent. Fire drills.
    3. No finger-pointing and blame

The slides are here:

Also see Matt Zimmerman’s excellent post on Devops and Cloud.

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