David Straker – the man behind syque.com

by Limbic on February 17, 2009

I wanted to share with you what I consider to be one of the best sites on the internet – syque.com – and its creator and maintainer David Straker.

Syque.com is an umbrella site that contains several truly brilliant sub-sites. Here is a sample:


ChangingMinds.org is already a huge site, with over 2000 pages on all subjects around how we change one another’s minds. Including:


CreatingMinds.org is a new site about creativity and innovation, with around 400 full-content pages. Including:

  • Tools: A huge toolbox of creative tools.
  • Quotes: Thousands of quotes on creative topics.
  • Principles: Principles of creativity.
  • Articles: More articles on creativity and creative organizations.

Quality Tools

Quality Tools contains about 600 pages, mostly on the tools and techniques of quality and improvement, including the full text of a major book and ten-plus years of journal articles.

The Improvement Encyclopedia

This is a long list of around 400 items, each with a page containing descriptions of tools and terms about improvement and quality, ranging from original Japanese terminology to Six Sigma frameworks.

Along with businessballs, quality tools

If you want to keep up with what David is thinking and writing about, the check out his Changing Minds blog.

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