Cost of living lawfully in the UK

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From Money Week’s Money Morning newsletter:

It may be going too far to say that crime pays in Britain today. But it’s a fact that living within the law has never been so expensive, as this chart shows.

“Since New Labour took office in 1997, the cost of living lawfully has risen more than twice as fast as the RPI rate of inflation excluding mortgage repayments,” writes Neil Clark in the Fleet Street Letter. “Council tax bills, road tax, motor insurance and TV licences now cost 67% more than they did a decade ago. The RPIX is up just 24%.

It is other people’s petty criminality that is driving the cost of living lawfully so much higher. “Local authorities are estimated to spend £27m per year on cleaning up graffiti,” says Clark. “Arsonists destroy 20 schools every week – much of the cost footed through the education budget. Accidents involving non-insured drivers meantime cost £400m per year, adding £30 to the average annual premium for those drivers who do pay up.”

“For too long the honest and law-abiding in this country have been penalised for the selfish and anti-social behaviour of others. We’re expected to cough up more and get less in return.”

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  1. Chris

    I worked out my cost of living here: how much it costs to live in UK. The cost of living has been rising considerably. I think its important for us to live well below our means in case of steep rises of living costs. I found your article interesting as it was from 2006. It was nice to compare.

    Thanks for the lovely article. I hope costs of living get less for us all 🙂


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