Cool Tools Summer Tips Edition

Kevin Kelly is on vacation so his latest Cool Tools is just a cut and paste of reader tips.

Here Ares some good ones:

1. Keep a disposable camera (with flash) in your glove compartment. Useful for accidents or quick-get-the-camera moments.

2. No space for an office whiteboard? No problem, write on your windows. “I have a typical “fishbowl” manager’s office. Unfortunately, the furniture layout precludes the use of a whiteboard in my office. Instead, I use standard dry-erase markers to write on my office window. I get lots of strange looks from folks walking by, but many have commented on the practicality of the idea. Straight windex and paper towels to clean.”

3. “With a pair of scissors, a small slit can be cut to make the velcro strip stay on one end of the cable”. See bellow for illustration:


4. Make your own industrial safety signs. “St. Claire Inc., a technical communications company, has a FANTASTIC web page where you can register for free, and by clicking away (picking a heading, symbol and typing in text) you can generate .pdf files of safety signs of all kinds. You can certainly customize safety signs VERY specifically for any kind of local condition or situation.” I personally have had tons of infantile fun making biohazard notices for the company lavatories.

There are several more tips. I strongly recommend Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools Newsletter. It is a weekly delight. You can subscribe for free here.

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