Combat 18 in Belgrade

Combat 18 in Belgrade, originally uploaded by Limbic.

Looks like neo-Nazi hooligans in Belgrade have connected with their brethren in the UK.

There has been an up-tick in Hooligan related violence in Belgrade recently, with shootings and even a train steaming incident.

2 Comments Combat 18 in Belgrade

  1. knicksrule

    kids, these are all pathetic idiots with no brain, how a Slav can worship nazi ideology will always be a puzzle to me. I’m an optimist tho, I don’t believe nazism has future in serbia, it’s just temporary phase until young people get employed, when you have no job and no prosperity it’s more likely you’ll turn to nationalism

  2. Viktor

    This is not so new, neonazi groups here have existed since at least 1995 (that is how long I remember seeing some of them in the streets here). As for contacts with other countries’ neonazi groups, I wouldn’t say it’s so strong because British neonazis are not so fond of the local ones, I heard. Apparently they think of them a lower race.


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