Clapham’s noble past

by Limbic on March 1, 2002

I came across a book in a second hand bookshop the other day today called “Saints in Politics”. It introduced me to the fact that William Wilberforce – the great anti-slavery campaigner ( see profile) – was based in Clapham.

The political organisation that he formed based in Clapham and known as The Clapham Sect (or The Saints) was extremely influential in 19th century politics.

Clapham was the epicentre of progressive politics at that time and The Clapham Sect, a “brotherhood of Christian politicians” was its core.

Venn Street for example, was named after John Venn, another member.

I heartily recommend that you all learn about these amazing people and their wonderful gift of freedom and rights that they gave to all of us.

Here are some unsorted resources for those interested to browse



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