Child rape and Multiculturalism

Over the last few months I have been tracking a truly grim story in The Times. Unfortunately the stories are inaccessible behind their paywall (I get it on my Kindle).

The story is about the massive scale grooming, rape and sexual abuse of underage white girls by Pakistani Muslim gangs in the UK.

The number of victims is in the tens if not hundreds of thousands. They victims are usually between the ages of 11 and 16 (i.e. children) They are seduced by gang members who ply them with alcohol and drugs. They then rape them (sometime gang rape them), and in many cases prostitute them to friends, family and others in their communities.

The stories are harrowing. Not only are these kids brutally abused, but when their families have tried to stop it, they have been victimised and abused too.

Some seized on the abuse as an example of sexual warfare waged on infidel girls by Muslims who have zero respect for miniskirt wearing whores as they see them. There is little evidence that there is a cultural element even though The Time quotes at least some who claimed these little girls were asking for it:

Two young Pakistanis in South Yorkshire recently spoke of some girls “going for £10”, adding: “The younger the girl, it’s easy to take advantage ‘cos when they’re 18, 19, they don’t really fall for little things like that. If she’s a virgin they get the pleasure of taking her virginity. You see the girls walk around in bloody miniskirts … they just ask for it.” – “Judges told to protect victims in abuse cases” Richard Ford; Andrew Norfolk | 560 words (The Times – Tue 22nd Nov 2011)

One of the worst things about this story is that this abuse has gone on since the 90’s, with police and social services doing little or nothing because they were afraid of being branded racists.

These children were sacrificed at the alter of multiculturalism.

If police and social workers could not stop child rape – arguably the kost despicable crime after murder – then one must assume that there is no lie to large, no behaviour to disgusting to serve the multicultural lie.

The stories – and there are thousands – are almost to horrible to believe. Girls as young as 11 being gang raped, impregnated, being forced to have abortions, pimped, beaten and otherwise brutalised.

Here is an extracts from the Time article from last Monday called “Raped, pimped and driven to despair: the 16-year-old girl failed at every turn Andrew Norfolk | 2537 words (The Times  Monday 21st Nov 2011) :

Four months after her 16th birthday, Chloe jumped from a bridge above the M1. There was no safety net. In her life, there never had been. Motorists swerved to avoid the broken body then waited for the emergency services. Chloe failed. She broke five bones in her back, shattered both feet and spent two months in Leeds General Infirmary, but she survived.

Her story is told for the first time today, along with those of five other girls from West Yorkshire, aged between 12 to 16, victims during the past two years of men who used alcohol and drugs to groom and exploit teenagers for sex. To search for what led Chloe to that flyover is to go back to a February night in 2009 when the 15-year-old was invited to a birthday party. She was in the garden when a takeaway delivery driver pulled up and persuaded her to go for a ride. Asian and in his twenties, he drove to a secluded spot and raped her.

…At a party that summer she was shocked to see the same driver [called PK]. In her mother’s words, “when he got his claws into her” this time, she told no one. By September, there were mornings when Chloe was dropped at her Leeds school, to be collected by a waiting PK. She was drinking heavily, using Ecstasy and heroin and paying for it by having sex with a dealer who made her dependent on him and his wares.

…In January, Chloe had discovered that she was pregnant. She went to tell the father, PK, of her decision to keep the baby and that she wanted to break free of drugs and to make a new start. His response was to drag her into a bedroom and rape her before inviting his friends to join in. It was the prelude to an assault in which the men repeatedly kicked her in the stomach. She was held overnight then driven to a backstreet abortionist. Chloe told no one but a few days later went to her school on drugs and out of control. She was arrested, held in cells overnight then released without charge. She went home that evening, January 28, kissed her sleeping sister and left the house. At 11.25pm, she jumped from the bridge.

Her mother rushed to the hospital to be met by police officers who asked if she knew why Chloe might have attempted suicide. She mentioned the original rape, the only sexual offence she knew about, and said she was told “we haven’t got that in our records”. Chloe was by now under the care of the child and adolescent mental health service in Leeds. Her mother was not told of the meeting in February at which professionals decided to hold a second one a month later. In March, her support worker visited hospital. According to project records, Chloe “said that the reason she had jumped was that she had been gang raped by a group of adult Asian men”.

She is just one of tens of thousands. Same story every time. Pubescent girls lured into relationships with older British Pakistani men. Raped, pimped and abused by those men.

From Judges told to protect victims in abuse cases Richard Ford; Andrew Norfolk | 560 words (The Times – Tue 22nd Nov 2011)

The Times’s investigations have exposed a world in which cars, drugs and alcohol are the doorway to a criminal sub-culture that seeks to alienate children from family and friends. Young teenagers may think they are in love but as their dependence grows they are often passed to other men to be abused in cars, parks, cheap hotels and empty, “chill pad” properties. Some girls have been driven to different parts of the country for sex. Parties are held at which children are shared by the men among friends and older relatives. Sometimes, but not always, money changes hands.

A great lead article in The Time yesterday challenges us to face up to this horror, and bin the sensitivities that have allowed it to go on for so long.  From “The Case for Honesty”, The Times,  (Web 23rd Nov 2011)

In these pages for the past several days we have carried case after case where underage girls were known to be being raped by local men, and yet nothing was done to prevent the crime or prosecute the criminals.

Nothing, despite the fact that parents were sometimes documenting what was going on.

There are some difficulties for the authorities in dealing with cases where the victims may regard their abusers as friends or benefactors. But this alone cannot explain the inaction.

We know that Anne Cryer, the former Labour MP for Keighley, raised the issue in 2003, and was widely condemned for doing so. We know that in May 2004 Channel 4 agreed to postpone a documentary at the request of the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire because it featured social workers dealing with grooming cases in Bradford, and he was worried that it would create unrest in the run-up to the local elections.

When it was shown it was attacked in some quarters for giving succour to the British National Party. Different networks and groups are exploiting teenagers, in a range of ways. They involve many kinds of men: many are white, many are not. An assessment commissioned by the Government this year found that of those offenders whose ethnicity was known, half were Asian.

All offenders are perpetrating a disgusting crime. But in January, when The Times analysed grooming cases before the courts and disclosed that the majority of defendants were Asian men, we were attacked for doing so. Some professionals argued for fuller studies. Others said that we were perpetrating a slur on innocent communities.

This is a dangerously complacent psychology.

In admitting that gang grooming is present in certain communities, one no more stigmatises the entire community than one believes most vicars are choirboy abusers, or all men are rapists. But not admitting the truth makes it harder to deal with what is happening, and this helps racists as well as condemning children to abuse. Action plans are fine. Ministerial fulmination is good too. But honesty about what is going on is the essential condition for ending a terrible national scandal.


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