Cads: great for sex, but not for marriage

by Limbic on October 28, 2003

“NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – New research confirms what romance novelists have known for years: for brief affairs, women tend to prefer a dominating, powerful and promiscuous man.

However, when considering a long-term relationship, women are more likely to turn to a compassionate, sensitive and monogamous man, the report indicates.

When given descriptions of these two male archetypes, described by the researchers as “cads” and “dads,” women consistently preferred a dad as a long-term partner. However, as the relationship shortened, women became more likely to opt for being with a cad.

In a telling example, 60% of women said they would prefer to have sex with one cad-like character, but only 13% said they would want him engaged to their daughters.

Despite the apparent appeal of cads to women, study author Dr. Daniel J. Kruger of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor advised men against trying to adopt the “dark horse” persona.

Cads are often men in positions of power and leadership, such as the heads of companies or sports superstars, he said. Only a minority of men fall into that category, and being a dominant, highly successful and promiscuous man is hard to fake, he cautioned.

“Not every guy can be a successful cad,” Kruger told Reuters Health. “You’re not going to get a lot of matings by acting like a jerk.”


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