Burning a Book Before It's Printed

Burning a Book Before It’s Printed (Op-Ed)

By Eloquence – Sun Apr 7th, 2002 at 07:07:00 PM EST

It is easy and comfortable to believe that we live in enlightened times, that scientific and rational
thought have illuminated all parts of our culture. But every now and then we are reminded that there are subjects that we are not supposed to talk about, even think about. One of these subjects is child sexuality, as is demonstrated by the reaction to the book Harmful to Minors by Judith Levine. Even one month before its publication, it has been widely denounced as “evil” by people who have never read the book — because it argues that children and juveniles should be allowed to have satisfying sex lives. A stunning tale of shutting up those who dare to ask the wrong questions. ”


Later in the ensuing discussion of the above came this piece of hilarity…

Child sex is taboo??? HA! Here’s the real taboo:

A multicultural society where the social contract is that any given subculture can engage in any sort of child-rearing practices it chooses without interference from the other subcultures or the central authorities — even those deemed harmful by all subcultures but the one engaging in them.

We’ll see an HIV-infected Pee Wee Herman sodomizing castrati infants on Federally-mandated pay-per-view Nickelodeon before the gummint will exist that breaks that taboo.

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