Brutal Ireland

Hard to read story of one man brutalised by Irish gangsters, culminating in the murder of his son. A must read to understand just how far removed modern Ireland is from the myths of the diaspora:

The catastrophic chain of events began six years ago in one of Collins’s pubs, with the refusal of a drink to a 14-year-old girl. Wayne Dundon, the Limerick gangster, took offence and made a graphic death threat to Ryan, Steve and Carmel’s nephew and adopted son. Twenty-nine minutes later Ryan was shot and maimed by a man in a crash helmet wielding a .45 Magnum. Their family’s evidence, given after careful consideration, sent Dundon down for 10 years. The payback was the murder of their son Roy, last year, by a Dundon gang member.

Meanwhile, the family business is in melt-down. Collins’s €15 million property portfolio, including three pubs and a casino, built up by the former electrician and his family over 20 years of 18-hour days, is hardly worth a third of that now, he says.

One thriving pub was burned to the ground a month after Dundon’s imprisonment; three pipe bombs were planted at a second, cutting business by half; a third left the family too exposed, so it has been rented out. The casino is closed. A price remains on Collins’s head and on those of his two Limerick-based sons.

So why haven’t they cut their losses and joined the witness-protection programme? Because there isn’t one, apparently.

From: ‘I didn’t expect to lose a son. The guards took their eye off the ball’ – The Irish Times – Sat, Aug 21, 2010

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