Britain’s looming insurgency

by Limbic on November 20, 2006

A brilliant post from Westhawk analyses a recent speech by the Director General of MI5.

Westhawk: Britain’s looming insurgency

Last week, the world’s media focused its attention on the mid-term election in the United States and the return of the Democratic Party to power in America’s legislature. However, history may record the more important news occurring on Thursday at Queen Mary’s College in London.

There, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, Director General of Britain‚Äôs Security Service, popularly known as ‚ÄúMI5,‚Äù gave a very rare speech about Britain‚Äôs, indeed the West‚Äôs, gravest security crisis. The purpose of the speech was to reveal the scope of the threat to Britain‚Äôs peace….

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