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Anti-Mass Immigration activists have been warning about this for years.

Latinos have formed a bridgehead in the United States and are now actively attacking anti-immigration efforts.

Spanish language media apparently orchestrated the recent nationwide “spontaneous” protests against Congressional plans to introduce more anti-immigration legislation.

Of course, students took the protests as an opportunity to bunk off, but with a sinister message for Gringo America.

Spanish Media Organised Nationwide Mass Protests – CBS

The marching orders were clear: Carry American flags and pack the kids, pick up your trash and wear white for peace and for effect.

Many of the 500,000 people who crammed downtown Los Angeles on Saturday to protest legislation that would make criminals out of illegal immigrants learned where, when and even how to demonstrate from the Spanish-language media.

For English-speaking America, the mass protests in Los Angeles and other U.S. cities over the past few days have been surprising for their size and seeming spontaneity.

But they were organized, promoted or publicized for weeks by Spanish-language radio hosts and TV anchors as a demonstration of Hispanic pride and power.

…The protests continued Tuesday in at least four states, with thousands of students leaving school again in California, Arizona, Texas and Nevada.

In Los Angeles, the numbers were far smaller than the tens of thousands who marched Monday. Authorities thwarted efforts to block freeway traffic, rounding up some youngsters and issuing truancy citations.

In Phoenix, students marched to the state Capitol for the second day in a row. In Las Vegas, they rallied near the Strip after being directed away from casinos.

And in Dallas, students crowded in front of City Hall, waving Mexican and Salvadoran flags and shouting “We can do it” in Spanish.

Meanwhile CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs’ anti-immigration stand is proving very popular.

Anchor-Advocate on Immigration Wins Viewers – New York Times

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