Bosnia’s future is today’s Kosovo

Nebojsa Malic has slammed a recent OpEd in The Financial Times by British politicians William Hague and Paddy Ashdown.

He rightly points out that the piece is the usual mix of anti-Serb whinging, alarmism and multicultural wishful thinking.

The thing that caught my eye in the piece was this, a warning about what might happen in Bosnia if seccesionst elements got their way:

What happens in Europe’s backyard matters…The breakdown of the country into independent ethnic statelets would not only reward ethnic cleansing – surely a moral anathema – but would also risk the creation of a failed state in the heart of Europe; a fertile breeding ground for terrorism and crime

Well that sounds like exactly like Kosovo to me.

A little ethnic statelet has been lopped off from a sovreign European state by force. Its minorities (Roma, Gorani, Serbs) ethnically cleansed, and the resulting failed state at the heart of Europe is a fertile breeding ground for both terrorism and crime.

My advice: Ignore people like Ashdown and Hague, men who were actively involved in Bosnia and are trying to justify their actions and legacy. Rather, keep and eye on people like Ian Bancroft, independent journalists and experts who have put in the time in Bosnia and have a much more balanced and fair view.

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  1. Jennifer

    Well said! paddy ashdown was a failure in Bosnia and was not objective. One of the best things to happen in Bosnia in the past 10 years was when he left!


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