Belgrade Pigeon feeders

by Limbic on April 5, 2009

One can tell how any lunatics there are loose in a city by the number of pigeons. Belgrade has swarms of the vermin in the old city, lured, no doubt, by the extraordinary number of dedicated pigeon feeders.

I know of at least three old lunatics operating in my neighbourhood alone.  They have a well established routine and the pigeons are ready in their hundreds when the stale bread is released to them by their elderly benefactors.

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Bibi April 7, 2009 at 8:44 am

Yes, I know what you mean about the pigeon feeders. We used to have someone like that upstairs….with consequences on our terrace, but he has passed on.

Dog feeders are another problem. I absolutely love dogs, but wish people would please really be responsible for them: find them a HOME, get them spayed/neutered, and stop dumping them on the street. We have many dog feeders who, while being kind, just ignore vaccinating the dogs, picking up their mess, and not taking responsibility when they annoy passers-by. Easy to feed; not so easy to be responsible.


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