Bare breasts for immigrants

From Politik:

Immigrants seeking to come to Denmark should watch movies with bare breasted women in them, believes [the Danish Folks Party].

Danish People’s Party’s foreign spokesman Peter Skaarup, is annoyed that no Danish girls with bare breasts are in the “Denmark” movie, part of the new immigration test, which comes into force on Monday.

Topless women on a beach would be a good illustration of Danish liberalism, he said.

“If you come from a strict religious community, perhaps it is something you just could trim a little over and think, oh no, it will not help us,” says Peter Skaarup.

‘Bare breasts would be a way to make clear that one might find on a Danish beach. “

Peter Skaarup has not yet even seen Denmark film. But one of DF’s employees have reported on the lack of breasts.

[The] Denmark film will be used as preparation for the immigration test, which all those seeking family reunification, from next Monday need to pass. The test was inspired by a similar Dutch example, and in that movie there were topless women.

The film is little more than a half hour long and available in Danish and 18 other languages. It can be seen on the Immigration Services website

My first reaction to this was one of derision. This was the same Danish People’s Party that condemned a Danish tourist video depicting a woman looking for the father of her baby from a one night stand.

Whilst I appluad the intention of making the point to newcomers that Denmark is a liberal, tolerant and free country, I think that showing bare breasted women to make the point is both futile and unwise.

Apart form the fact that some people will be genuinely offended by it, it may be counter-productive by cheapening the great tradition of European liberty to mere sexual freedom and nudity.

I also think that whilst language requirements and tests are good idea, citizenship courses are a gimmick. They are token efforts offerd by governments to show they are getting tough on immigration, but they obscure the real serious issues and unpleasant truths.

Immigrants are not integrated by a video, or a citizenship course, or even speaking the local language fluently. There needs to be a strong culture of both expectation and accommodation in the host culture.

40 years of multiculturalism has led turned the opportunity that immigrants offered Europe, into the nightmare of failed integration, ghettos, social unrest, crime and alienation that is the storey of so many of Europe’s immigrant communities.

There is something faintly sad about the Danish People’s Party and its plans. The noble objective of preserving Europe’s magnificent tradition of tolerance and
freedoms is mostly in the hands of intolerant and most
reactionary populists. Here they are exhorting Europe to flash her tits to make a point about how free she is, whilst it is more likely to simply reinforces the widely held racist stereotype of European women being easy sluts.

The immigration debate has been mired in dogma and orthodoxy for years. Its time for all sides to break out of their outdated ideological positions and address this most serious off issues with the gravity, urgency and honesty it requires.

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