Balkan Interiors

by Limbic on March 29, 2011

Slowly starting the process of looking for a new home in Belgrade as my wife and I are returning from a year in Denmark.

We are in the market for a decent flat, preferably in the suburbs (eager to avoid the noise, pollution and cockroaches of Dorcol).

As part of my looking, I decided to check out a few agency websites.

The thing that strikes me is that so many of the apartments have the same, dire décor.

Wood panelling seems to be a must. Chnitzy furnishing, puff leather and fake gold fittings are all in abundance.

I was wondering where the lean, clean, minimalist apartments were advertised?

Then I found a genuinely excellent site for flat hunters in Serbia:

Currently service Belgrade and Valjevo, it is the best site I have come across so far for stylish luxury apartments.

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