Are Serbian sports teams “moody”

I was in Denmark for Serbia’s recent handball clash with Denmark at the European Championships.

Prior to the match, Danish TV was commenting on how the Serbian team seemed a bit cavalier. They were sitting around smoking and drinking coffees in contrast to the Danes who were all eating salad bars and working out.Do not be complacent, the commentators warned Serbs are great fighters and extremely skilled opponents.

The Serbian team defied expectations, playing slow and listless handball without passion, eventually being beaten easily.

After the match the Danish commentators were puzzling over why Serbia – a nation of great renown in  handball – had allowed itself to be beaten as they were.

One of the commentators then claimed that the Serbian team was a “mood team”, that is, prone having wildly different results based on their mood.

Whilst this is true to some extent of any sportsperson or team, is it particularly true of both Serbian sports stars and teams.

Are Serbian teams moodier than others?

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