Are foreigners now afraid in Belgrade?

Due to a spate of recent attacks on foreigners and the brouhaha surrounding the cancellation of the gay pride parade, the Serbian media is now wondering if foreigners feel threatened and if there ought to be afraid.

I don’t think that we foreigners feel threatened at all and I dont think we need to be, at least not based on a few incidents.

One is vastly more likely to come to harm as a tourist in London, Paris or even Dublin than Belgrade. Tourists and locals alike are mugged and beaten up daily in those cities, where street crime is at epidemic levels.

Here in Belgrade the 20,000 foreigners who live in the city do so with a sense of genuine safety and security. This is a VERY safe city and I doubt the people of Belgrade will allow that to change.

I can also see that the authorities are taking this extremely seriously, and there is a huge crackdown on the groups at the root of the recent violence.

I am hoping in a month we will have seen the end of this issue.

2 Comments Are foreigners now afraid in Belgrade?

  1. David

    There is a lot more real danger on the streets of my small home town in the west of England than there ever is in Belgrade – even in these difficult days. We must NEVER give in to fear, otherwise, the neanderthals will have won.

  2. tanya

    Of course the foreigners will be scared after all those attacks!!! There was no reason for them, just a bunch of hooligans going through the city and deciding whom to attack. We were thinking to come and visit but I am not sure after this. It is touching to see and read about the sorrow Serbian people have shown, but unfortunatly nothing will bring back the murder person.


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