Anti-male sexist assault gets latest ally…the police

Here is letter I sent to Spiked today:

I read with dismay today in the Evening Standard that the Metropolitan police is “to target wife beaters they fear could become killers…officers will look for clues in a suspect’s behaviour or situation which could identify him as a potential murderer.

Police could then prosecute even if the victim opposes this.” (1)

The Evening Standard continues to say that “Suspects considered at risk of going on to commit murder will be recorded in a database of violent offenders.”

Can this be true? Are the lies and propaganda about domestic violence so successful that we will accept the idea of future guilt “Minority Report” style? What would the police do with such a database?

Perhaps the Met’s séance division has arrange for Lombroso to have another go at setting crime policy?

I note that on the very day the Met has announced this loopy and sexist plan, Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, president of the Family Division of the High Court has told a conference that “One in six men will be the victim of domestic violence at some time in his life” (2)

Do you think the Met Pre-Crime division will make room for all this husband-beaters too?

When will this relentless anti-male propaganda stop? We keep hearing about the “One in four women abused in a lifetime” and the “Two women a week killed”, but the strong evidence that that men are more victimized by domestic violence is ignored. We have had growing number of cases where the criminal courts are being lenient to alleged female victims. This had become so routine that even cases from the past are being reopened so that they can be exonerated by the corrective 21st century Politically Correct abuse excuse [Battered wife syndrome is rapidly becoming the number one defence for female murderers] . The courts went first, then we had legislative reform legitimizing females murdering men they merely accuse of domestic violence. Today we have the police announcing an project that not only violates the civil liberties of men but is blatantly sexist and downright insane: men (note, NOT people, MEN) involved in domestic violence cases can be treated like murders or rapists regardless of the severity of the incident based on the police determining that they are at risk of being a future murderer!

Who is setting the frame here? Why are we focusing on these bogus issues when far more pressing matters demand urgent attention? We enact legislation specifically designed to secure more rape convictions (note, NOT prevent rapes) whilst ignoring the massive problem of false rape accusations. We focus on breast cancer whilst prostate cancers kills roughly the same number of men. We focus on miserable teenage girls yet ignore the fact that males kill themselves at six times the rate of females.

As I wrote to my MP recently

Political interference in the law is extremely dangerous and I am appalled and scared by the governments zeal to interfere in matters like rape and domestic abuse with clear anti-male objectives (more convictions) heedless of presumptions of innocence or facts like the vast majority of rape accusations are found to be false and many downright malicious and that most domestic and child abuse is carried out by women.

Expect worse to come lads. Much worse.

Also see:

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