Another reason to repeal blasphemy laws

USACE employees receive flu protection

From the Sydney Morning Herald comes this, “Anti-vaccination group encourages parents to join fake church“:

A controversial anti-vaccination group is encouraging people to sign up to a fake church because it may help them bypass Australia’s emerging “no jab, no play” childcare laws.

…children who are not fully immunised are unable to enrol in childcare unless their parents declare they have a medical reason or personal, philosophical or religious objection.

…But with some doctors refusing to sign the documents, the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network Inc (formerly known as the Australian Vaccination Network), is spruiking 1 the “Church of Conscious Living” as a religion that is opposed to vaccination.

Now imagine how this could go down here in Denmark, where according to the Blasphemy laws

“Anybody who publicly mocks or insults any in this country legally existing religious community tenets of faith or worship, will be punished by fine or imprisonment for up to 4 months.” –  § 140 of the penal code

A  pseudo-science believing loon can simply join or establish a religious community. They declare these claims to be tenets of faith or worship. They declare they are insulted by any disputation of their tenets of faith. Anyone arguing with them publicly commits a crime.

[Note: Fleming has a response to this characterization in the comments below]

The Onion nails it, as usual:

I Don’t Vaccinate My Child Because It’s My Right To Decide What Eliminated Diseases Come Roaring Back | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

(Thanks Farren for the heads up on Danish blasphemy laws)


  1. New word to me, means to promote

2 Comments Another reason to repeal blasphemy laws

  1. Fleming

    Great blog, but I have to say that I am disturbed by the, pro-vax/anti-vax, false dichotomy that you seem to be investing in. The facts as I see them are as follows…

    In the 1990’s there was a surge in late onset autistic like damage to children which correlated with a new triple vaccine, now known as “MMR”. The damage correlated both on a cross sectional basis and, at least as reported by parents, a case by case basis.

    There was/is nothing “unscientific” about raising the possibility of a causative correlation.

    The subsequent “scare” was not a “vaccine scare”, there is no evidence that there was a general fear of any other vaccine; this was a vaccine that was perceived as being unsafe. a person who is concerned about the safety of a specific vaccine is not an “anti-vaxer” anymore than people who campaigned for speed limits and seat-belts were “anti-drivers”; the term “anti-vaxer” is the product of fanatical scientism and is in no way based on rational analysis.

    You should also note that “regressive autism” was virtually non-existent as a condition until the widespread use of vaccines, this condition now (post vaccine) accounts for 75% of autism cases.

    The basic diagnostic criteria for autism have remained unchanged since the condition was defined in the forties.

    Before mass vaccination autism was known almost exclusively as a non-regressive condition diagnoseable in infancy.

    It seems to me that it is the establishment analysis of the autism/vaccine connection is based on a web of hasty generalizations, reinterpretation and cherry picked data.

    Science is not assertions made by the scientific establishment, and claims made by people without formal scientific accreditation are not necessarily unscientific.


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