Alastair Campbell teams up with Kosovo organ smuggling mafia

Well well. The old team has reformed. The band is back for a last concert. The war hero is brought out of retirement to save the war.

The mafia state of Kosovo has hired none other than Tony Blair’s former chief of propaganda to help them spin their way into legitimacy now that the truth of the KLA’s brutal Serb butchering ways has become public knowledge thanks to the Dick Marty’s report, which alleged that not only was there murder and kidnapping of Serbs in 1999 (after the Serbs withdrew)  but that victims organ were smuggled to illegal markets and sold. It is further alleged that the Prime Minister of Kosovo – Hashim Thaci  – as head of the KLA, was involved.  Now an international investigation into allegations of organ trafficking by the Kosovo Liberation Army in northern Albania will be led by American John Clint Williamson.

These lurid allegations address just one of the incidents of murder, kidnapp, assault and intimidation waged daily against the few remaining Serb and other non-Albanian minorities by Kosovo Albanians. Most have already been ethnically cleansed by pogroms and constant intimidation.

Kosovo does not need more spin, propaganda and obfuscation. It needs the truth, transparency and openness. Campbell and Blair have done enough damage falling for the KLAs lies the first time around and convincing the witless Americans to bomb Serbia. Now, with 10 years of hindsight, anyone even passingly familiar with the region knows that the great lie is that all is well in Kosovo. Its economy is n on-existant. It cannot and will never be able to sustain itself. It is run by the mafia. It is a the main Balkan mafia staging ground. It is the European centre of people trafficking (slavery), gun running and narcotics  smuggling. And to cap it all of sectarian Albanians have waged a 10 year war of violent aggression against minorities and there is no let up.

Whilst the vast majority of Kosovan’s are decent people (a visit there will leave you with a lovely impression of the kindness and hospitality of all the communities), the government is made up of ex-KLA gangsters with blood on their hands. That government should not be getting propaganda help from the British Council and Alastair Campbell. They do not have an image problem. Theere is no misunderstanding. The are thugs and gangsters who need to be exposed to the truth.


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