Absurd new proposal from the EU Imperium

by Limbic on June 24, 2003

‘Sexist’ adverts under threat, Evening Standard:

“…advertising which uses women’s bodies to sell products could be banned under new European rules being described as one of the EU’s most ambitious pieces of social legislation.

The legislation banning sex discrimination in media, advertising and insurance is in the final stages of drafting by the European Commission.”

The newspapers are focusing on the obvious, namely the purported exploitation of women in sexy advertisments. What they have not noticed is that the bulk of sexist advertising discriminates against men, not women. Take these examples from Fredric Hayward’s legendary article “Male bashing”:

The [male bashing] trend is particularly rampant in advertising. In a survey of 1000 random advertisements, 100% of the jerks singled out in male-female relationships were male.

There were no exceptions. That is, whenever there was a husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend interaction, the one who was dumped on was a male.

One hundred percent of the ignorant ones were male. One hundred percent of the ones who lost a contest were male. One hundred percent of the ones who were put down without retribution were male. Sometimes the male would insult the female , but she was always sure to get him back in spades before the commercial ended. One hundred percent of the objects of rejection were male. One
hundred percent of the objects of violence were male.

In entertainment the trend is similarly raging. Some television shows are little more then a bunch of anti-male jokes strung together.
Deciding to count this phenomenon during one episode of ‘The Golden Girls’, I found 31 women’s insults of men compared to two men’s insults of women.

Family sitcoms like ‘The Cosby Show’ or ‘Family Ties’ have an unwritten rule that mothers are never to be the butt of jokes or made to look foolish.

I think this proposed legislation will be slaughtered by the advertising industry before it gets near realisation, but it may be a pity. We may just have been handed a massive stick with which to beat the feminist agenda out of advertising and TV.

Meanwhile, news is in that “Smacking leads to child abuse” and that 80% of MP’s agree according to the Guardian. “The government today faces growing pressure to ban parents from smacking their children, after two parliamentary reports said existing laws could be used as a cover for abuse.

The health select committee and the joint committee on human rights called for an end to the “reasonable chastisement” defence which, they said, was often used in court to defend violence against children.

Their reports were backed by an NSPCC survey suggesting 80% of MPs agreed the physical punishment of children could lead to physical abuse”.

Luckily there are some sane people still being quoted by the Guardian,

“Shadow health secretary Dr Liam Fox MP said: “Outlawing smacking would be an outrageous intrusion by the state into parents’ legitimate rights and duties.

“There’s a whole world of difference between the form of discipline most parents use and the premeditated and persistent cruelty which has come to light in cases such as that of Victoria Climbie.

“To try to draw parallels is not only preposterous but also deeply insulting to the vast majority of parents in this country.”

Robert Whelan, director of the pressure group Family and Youth Concern, said it was “grotesque” that the Climbie case was being used to “try to criminalise parents”.

“All parents understand the difference between a little smack given as a means of discipline in a loving and supportive relationship and abuse,” he told the BBC. ” MORE

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