A Map of Russia’s Third Empire (2053)


A Map of Russia’s Third Empire (2053) on strange maps:

It’s the year 2053, and the world looks very different from today. There are no more than 5 superstates left on the face of the planet:

• an American Federation, covering the whole of North and South America;
• an Indian Confederation, consisting of present-day India and Birma/Myanmar (Bangladesh seems to have disappeared under the sea);
• an Asian republic dominated by China, further composed of Mongolia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand;
• an Islamic Caliphate, occupying the whole of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Indonesia;
• and the Russian Empire, uniting Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, all of Europe and Greenland.
• all states except the Russian Empire own a slice of Antarctica (I suppose that in exchange, Russia rules the North Pole all by itself).

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  1. roma

    this will never happen but russia tryed to bring all ex soviet country together as a union again and 4 country will join russian-belarus union buy 2010.

  2. abu emam

    I can read from the status of world that there is only candidate for word leading is the Islamic nation. As author mentioned cus they are the only nation that have a complete project with a comprehensive system.
    what reassure is their great example of undertaking lead responsibilities in the pas.


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