April 2011

Ridiculous advert on Danish van

by Limbic on April 30, 2011

Ridiculous advert on Danish van, grinning woman touts a waterless toilet



by LimbicNutrition Shorts on April 25, 2011

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Three fun videos with…dancing dudes?

by Limbic on April 15, 2011

OK, not my usual fare, but this week three videos came across my desk that all shared a theme of featuring dancing men, and being either funny or charming.

and a bonus spoof too, of the REM vid.

Check out the moron commenter asking “This can’t be the original video can it..?”


Air Pollution in Belgrade

by Limbic on April 14, 2011

[Update: Thanks to Dragan Debeljak for pointing me to a new resource from the Serbian government where you can get near real-time air pollution information, with great detail for Belgrade: http://www.sepa.gov.rs/ams/xajax_data/eas_kvalitet_vazduha_1.php?nosplash=1 . ]

I am doing some research into air pollution in Belgrade, both for my own needs (my family and I are moving back to Belgrade after a year away) and for the wiki’s Accommodation section.

I am trying to find out the best and worst areas to live for air quality.

The only thing I could find on air pollution levels for the city is 9 year old (2002) “Environmental Atlas of Belgrade” from the Belgrade Institute of Public Health.

The maps are a bit hard to figure out, but they seem to show (unsurprisingly) that the city centre, Dorcol and Vracar are worst, with Dedinje and Senjak not much better, New Belgrade OK, with Zemun and other outlying areas best.

Air Quality – All (2002)

Air Quality – SO2, SOOT, NO2 (2002)

Air Quality – Sulfer Dioxide and Soot (2002)

That data is old, so things might have changed. It is also shocking.

The entire centre of the city had a World Health Organisation rating over 3, which is off the scale. The measure stops at 2+, meaning “Extremely Unhealthy”.

I tried to contact Institut zа јаvnо zdrаvljе Srbiје to get some up-to-date information, but no one answers there.

Does anyone have any up-to-date information or know of an expert I could contact about this?

Maybe the World Health Organisation Belgrade office?

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‘Belgrade versus Rest of Serbia’ rugby league match & Serbian dinner

Why not take the opportunity to get out of the city for an afternoon, watch some sport and experience Serbia’s wonderful hospitality?

Ruma (50km north of Belgrade) is hosting the ‘Belgrade versus Rest of Serbia’ rugby league match on Sunday, 17 April and the local mayor has extended an invitation to all foreigners living in Belgrade to come and watch the game.

Bus will depart BGD at 14.00 (after the marathon).
Welcome drinks will be provided pre-game and afterwards there will be a special meal put on by the mayor of the town welcoming visitors to his city.
The plan is to be back in Belgrade by 21.00-21.30.
As an added bonus Lee Crooks, ex Great Britain Captain will be at the game with us – so come and get some signatures for the kids!

All for 500 dinars!

If you wish to take you own transport you are most welcome to and instructions can be supplied by Jules on (064) 398 8025 or jules@belgradefvc.com

So please join in the fun! It’s a great way to see another part of Serbia, to support the Belgrade team, and to experience something that we all love about this amazing country, its very genuine and generous hospitality.

Philomena & Jules

Limited seats on bus, so please RSVP to:
Jules (064) 398 8025 or jules@belgradefvc.com
Philomena (063) 120 8624 or philomena@belgradefvc.com