March 2011

The  20 year anniversary of the Rodney King beating had me thinking about the subsequent 1992 LA riots that broke out the following year, after the police officer who beat him were acquitted of any crime.

At the time I was absolutely horrified by the attack on Reginald Denny on the first day of the riots. If you have seen it, it is unforgettably terrible. A rioting mob pulls him out of his truck and beats him mercilessly. They jump on his head and throw pieces of masonry on him.

Based on that attack – where the mob was black and the victim white – I presumed the majority of people killed and injured would have been whites.

Surprisingly, of those killed, the majority were black. It may be that the majority of those injured where white or Hispanic, I could not find any statistics.

Here is a page with a breakdown of deaths, what we know the circumstances, and the victim’s race.


RIP Dora

by Limbic on March 2, 2011

Dora – my 2006 model15″ MacBook Pro, RIP

On Sunday night my long-time computing companion Computadora aka Dora lost her battle against Logic Board disease.

She was the best laptop I have ever owned. 5 years of perfect service, day and night.

Adiós Dora…(and hello new MacBook Pro 2011 edition!


BGFVC First Friday March, going Mexican!!!

by Limbic on March 1, 2011

Next meet-up – Friday, 04 March


Strahinjica Bana 66

Hi everyone … there seems to be a lot of people away so we thought it might be a good opportunity to try a dinner for a change. (If you just feel like dropping by for a drink and not eating that’s perfectly fine too! It will just be good to see everyone.)

We’ve booked a big table at Nachos (Mexican) for 8pm.

They’ve got a club downstairs for anyone who wants to stay on.

Coming up

April – we’re planning a pub crawl that will finish off at Pevac near Obilicev Venac.

May – will hopefully be go-karting.

June – a boat trip.

We’re also trying to find out when Buffalo Wings in Novi Beograd is open as there seems to be a bit of a fan-club already.

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated!!!