July 2010

My interest in the welfare of the Afrikaner people of South Africa has been revived by my (re)discovery of the work of Dutch journalist Adriana Stuijt’s Censorbugbear and Afrikaner Genocide Archives – sites that continue to track the ongoing genocidal assault against rural Afrikaners in South Africa.

She also draws attention to the plight of South Africa’s most vulnerable minority: Poor Afrikaners.

Since 1994, a combination of affirmative action, corruption, economic decline and plain old racial prejudice have left hundreds of thousands of white Afrikaners living below the poverty line, surviving thanks to charity handouts.

Their story is slowly getting out.

Tough times for white South African squatters

At least 450,000 white South Africans, 10 percent of the total white population, live below the poverty line and 100,000 are struggling just to survive, according to civil organisations and largely white trade union Solidarity.

South Africa’s population is about 50 million.

Many poor whites have ended up in places like Coronation Park, in Krugersdorp west of Johannesburg, a leafy former caravan site beside a water reservoir and a public picnic park frequented by middle-class families at weekends.

Ringed by yellow-brown hills of earth dug up by generations of gold miners, the park was used by the British as a concentration camp for Afrikaners during the Anglo-Boer war at the start of the 20th century.

Now it’s home to some 400 white squatters living in cramped tents and caravans and sharing a single ablution block. Cats and dogs roam noisily through the camp, dodging heaps of rubbish, piles of scrap metal and abandoned car parts.

No one has any sympathy for this tiny national minority that continues to be victimised and the subject of open, officially supported racist hatred, despite the country transitioning to democracy over 15 years ago.

The situation is South Africa is extremely dangerous for these people. We have an ascendant radical populist leader (Malema) whipping up racial hostility towards “The Boer” amongst the young, a shaky economy, rampant xenophobia and global lack on interest in the welfare of South African minorities, all combine to make genocide a genuine risk.


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by Limbic on July 4, 2010