World Cup Fever hits Terazije

I’m not a big football fan, however the recent daily scenes of hundreds of adults and children exchanging world cup stickers certainly amuses me somewhat!

I find it amazing that of all things – it is football that can bring hundreds of people, of all ages, colors and backgrounds together into one place, without any problems of issues!

What do you all make of it?

Dawkins on gratitude as “mental debt”

The “All in the Mind” podcast has a brilliant two parter on Religion and Science called “A matter of mind-sets? Religion and science” both brought to us from the 2010 Global Atheist Convention in Australia.

Make sure you catch the speeches by Richard Dawkins and Peter Singer in Part 1. Here is the Dawkins speech on gratitude, in particular giving thanks for deities:

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Information Graphics by Jeff McNeill

This is another presentation from Jeff McNeill (who brought you the Drucker and Goldratt Concept map).

This one is an introduction to Information Graphics, a topic I that has fascinated me ever since coming across Edward Tufte and recently stimulated by Dan Roam’s superb Back of the Napkin series of books on Visual Thinking.

Drucker and Goldratt Concept Map

This is a concept map showing the key ideas and relationships between Peter Drucker’s Effective Executive and the Theory of Constraints by Eliyahu Goldratt (The Goal, It’s Not Luck).

It was created by Jeff McNeill using IHMC Cmap Lite. Another concept mapping tool is Sciral’s excellent Flying Logic visual planning application.

The map is well worth downloading and reviewing at full size.