March 2010

“Are you waiting for me?”

by Limbic on March 29, 2010

“I am waiting”, originally uploaded by Limbic.

Spotted this on Simina street.


PMR 2A Anti-personnel mine

by Limbic on March 24, 2010

PMR 2A Anti-personnel mine, originally uploaded by Limbic.


Follow the leader

by Limbic on March 24, 2010

Follow the leader, originally uploaded by Limbic.

Spotted this on Simina Street. Liked the colours.

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Mogens Davidsen’s “Kaos’ ikonografi”

by Limbic on March 24, 2010

Katja introduced me to the brilliant work of Mogens Davidsen, a professor at the University of Southern Denmark.

I particularly like his icons which use animals instead of saints.

See more at Facebook | Mogens Davidsen’s Photos – Kaos’ ikonografi


Korancan by Nick Walker

by Limbic on March 24, 2010

SFGate: Day in Pictures


Fighting Identities

by Limbic on March 14, 2010

This brilliant article from Military Review printed in 2007 is a must read.

Fighting Identities – Why we are losing our wars [PDF 1.4MB]

Two snapshots in history: two “non-state actors” seizing the greatest states of their day by the throat—and taking what they want. For all of its unpalatable irony, this is our world today.

We Americans, 21st-century Romans, find ourselves ineffective against the barbarians we call non-state actors. The non-state fighters are like Melville’s Moby Dick: they “heap” us, they task us. Yet we can achieve nothing against them.

Something is happening here, and we need to take it onboard. But doing so means throwing off our narcissism and certainty of entitlement. It is a heavy burden to shrug off. But shrug it we must.

the “American Way of War” enshrines triumph through military “transformations”. They are divine tokens of our superiority. Even better, “like-us” challenges from others are met by all-out U.S. out-performance. German combined arms innovation between the world wars led to “Patton beats Rommel.” Ditto Japanese carrier aviation. Ditto Soviet atomic rockets. Ditto too the Soviets’ vaunted “military-technical revolution.” how we outdid them! But our paradigm of military “revolution” is steadfastly both technology-driven and self-focused. The American way of war is all about “like-us” or “kin-enemies” also doing like us. We always win out in the end, and win big.

Today’s transformation, however, has nothing to do with us, except perhaps in how the new innovators take on our technologies—and target our vulnerabilities. the innovators here are emerging societies and alternative

Read on for more of this excellent essay.


Switch hits number 1

by Limbic on March 10, 2010

Delighted to see Chip and Dan Heath’s new book “Switch” hit the New York Times number 1 spot for advice, a monumental achievement (they are up against the entire self-help industry and its bogus claims).

Their first book “Made to Stick” was absolutely brilliant.

I have not read Switch yet (its hard to get these new books quickly in Serbia) but I will do as soon as I am back in London.

Via Bob Sutton


Jelena Karleusa – Pop Star of the Century

by Limbic on March 7, 2010

Last night some friends and I were discussing the irony of Turbofolk stars being gay icons in Serbia. I decided to google the phenomenon and came across a Wikipedia classic. This is a verbatim excerpt from the wikipedia page for Jelena Karleusa (aka JK).

Described by many as: “Jelena Karleusa is a most popular, most discussed and most controversial pop star of all time in Balkan. This sexy blond woman is rocking the stage for 15 years. Always first, always new, proclaimed as gay icon, antichrist, pop star of the century, show-bizz monster, scandal girl! Her face sales the newspaper, her appearance rises the rating, her albums are sold in millions of copies.

Riiiiiiiiight.Next time you need an antichrist gay icon pop-star-of-the-century to sales your newspaper and rises your ratings, you know which show-bizz monster to recruit for your scandal.

Official Jelena Karleusa website