October 2006

Designer terror-porn now in vogue

by Limbic on October 31, 2006

From The Age (Australia):

WHAT EXACTLY IS THE purpose of these remarkable, disturbing pictures? Given they’re in Vogue Italia, the primary purpose is to sell clothes. But disregard that truism for a second to consider them.

The cover of the magazine – the international bible of fashion, no less – features a rake-skinny, plague-pallored model undressing. Her skin so flawless and her mouth so blank she could be a mannequin. The setting is unmistakably an airport customs station. Two officers flank her, watching. Voyeurs; and we watch them watching her. One is only identifiable by his hairy arm and wristwatch. She looks at him, stern but impassive. He is dominant, she submissive.

She’s been stopped before a flight. Her exposed legs are the focus of the picture, which masquerades as surveillance. It’s sexual, and odd, but also quite mundane, quite familiar.

Inside the magazine are more pictures from the series, titled State of Emergency, shot by eminent fashion photographer Steven Meisel. The cover is the most benign. The rest move through the cruel, the fetishistic, the misogynistic to the quasi-pornographic. All are firmly based on the new aesthetics of terrorism. As a group they add up to a post-9/11 erotic fantasy; they are terror-porn. MORE


The Best Creative Consultant in the world?

by Limbic on October 17, 2006

Fiona Leahy is a creative consultant who designs weddings and special events.

One of her recent events was the astonishingly successful wedding of Dita von Tease and Marylyn Manson in Tipperary, Ireland which was featured in April edition of US Vogue. This month she featured in Bride magazine.

Fiona also designs jewlery and is a consultant to luxury goods brand Louis Vuitton.

If you you need a creative consultant, art director or high level event designer, you need to speak to her on +44( 0)7768887524 or mail her at fionaleahy AT Mac DOT com.

Her new website will be at http://www.fionaleahy.com  from December.


Belgrade Rocks – 1st anniversary

by Limbic on October 16, 2006

It was one year ago today that Belgrade was featured in the New York Times in a major feature.

Everyone in Belgrade who found out about it was delighted as it seemed the final proof that things were finally getting much better.

One year on some of the excitement has died down. Political progress has been slow, the Summer clubbing season was dire thanks to random weather and there is just a touch of pessimism in the air.

I hope the process of improvement continues and we get our mojo back in Belgrade this winter.


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