First Earth Battalion becoming reality?

Is it just me or does it seems that there is a serious effort to turn modern Western Armies into the hippy-inspired 70s First Earth Battalion? Look at the evidence:

Soldiers as social workers/healers/lovers-not-fighters – Check
Soldiers as Human/Eco/Natural disaster rescue group – Check
Combat beamed live to the world – Check
“Unity powered by diversity” meme – Check
Women on the front line – Check
Force only 25% of mission (heart/will/spirit being other 75%)
All plausible engagements are war-gamed – Check
Surgical neutralization – Check
A primary function is communicate of “ideas” – Check
Networked information warfare – Check
Use of sonic weaponry – Check
Spiritual warfare – Check (GWB’s homeland Christian soldiers versus the Jihadist International)

Beating brouhaha – what is the fuss about?

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough
men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” George Orwell

Why did the footage of British soldiers arresting rioters cause “shock waves” around the world?

There is a riot, some of the rioters were caught. They got a few smacks of the baton whilst being subdued and arrested. This is standard footage from public order situations. Subduing rioters during arrest is standard public order practice for all anti-riot units.

Don’t believe me? Check out for examples.

Those soldiers did not shoot the rioters. They did not try and burn them alive (as the rioters are trying to burn the soldiers with petrol bombs). They did not behead them after they were captured.

Soldiering is a tough business carried out by tough men. Fighting with the British army in riots is consequently dangerous and rightly so. After all these are soldiers – the fighting wing if our society – and we train, pay and order to fight for us.

In my opinion, those rioters deserved a few smacks. They ought to be grateful that is all they got. Notice how there is no rioting in US sectors? Because any rioter would be gunned down. It is because the British are so restrained that this situation came about at all.

As for those rioters being “civilians”, when you voluntarily fight soldiers in a combat zone you ARE a soldier. Your “civilians” status changes to that of “irregular combatant”. Lets drop the talk of “civilians”. Civilian implies non-combatant whereas in Iraq, by strict definition, every insurgent and anti-Coalition fighter is a civilian (i.e not in the military).

In the modern theatre people are either combatants or not. Rioting against the occupation force, especially by using mortars and petrol bombs, is combat. To reiterate, where shooting the rioters would be justified under rules of engagement (but obviously excessive and unnecessary), mere beating is almost praisworthy (an appropriate, proportionate response).

Berthold Bartosch – The Idea

Via Greylodge:

Berthold Bartosch – The Idea

“Based on Frans Mesareel‚Äôs famed woodcuts, this animated film classic was the first trick film with a radical film: a revolutionary idea (in the shape of a nude woman) is conceived by the artist, condemned by the world, the rich, and the church, but lives on, forever stirring men to revolt.” ‚ÄîAmos Vogel, Film as a Subversive Art

Israel Defense Forces Navy Unleashes "Death Shark" Against Terrorism


Israel Defense Forces Navy Unleashes Death Shark Against Terrorism

Israel has been well known in leading the global defense industry out of its very survival since 1948. And in doing so has developed several “James Bond” futuristic, lethal weapons over the years. In the most recent unveiling the Israel Navy has now deployed a speedboat drone capable of reaching enemy targets hundreds of miles from Israel shores.

The unmanned speedboat is equipped with a remote-controlled machine gun capable of being operated with laser accuracy up to a range of 50 kilometers, reportedly the first of its kind in the world.

Private defense analysts who have studied photos of the “Death Shark” or what the IDF brands as the “Protector” state that the Rafael Industries weapon is equipped with at least four cameras, as well as a sonar or radar system and electro-optics capable of providing a three-dimensional image. The cameras are said to operate with the same distance and high definition as satellite cameras, being able to capture a licence plate number and the barrel of gun from a distance of 10 miles.

Can we cure fear (and do we want to?)

A superb article on fear and how we control it from Scientific American:

Why is fear so intractable? And what can we do about it? Therapy has provided succor for many people; others have relied on the strength they get from their faith or other support networks. But in a world where we regularly witness hair-raising events–such as the aftermath of suicide bomber attacks in full color on our living-room televisions, on Web sites and on newspapers’ front pages–is such verbal support enough? Answering a perceived need, fear-blunting medications are coming onto the scene. Could we–should we–all simply pop pills to ease our anxieties?

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Anti-white media bias continues in BBC coverage of South Africa

The BBC gave front page prominence to this story about three black workers allegedly killed by their white boss: “SA ‘dry-cleaner’ murder case row”

The “dry-cleaner” killings have acquired racial overtones and attracted intense attention in South Africa.

The white owner of a dry-cleaning business is among those accused of murdering three black employees.

The South African newspapers are also all over this “racist” killing.

What you are not being told about is the epidemic of racist murders targeting whites in South Africa – particularly farmers.

Ask yourself why the BBC is reporting this case – fairly routine by the astonishing levels of violence in South Africa – yet they are ignoring the execution two white boys?

Did you ever hear about the white child wrapped in paper and burned alive?

What about this 6 month old baby girl stabbed to death in June last year?

Have you heard about the white people killed in racist murders in South Africa this year? On the BBC? Of course not. Here is a handy list for you:

30 Jan – George Campbell, 18
Executed near farm Elardus Park, no robbery

30 Jan – Ben van der Berg, 19,
Executed near farm near Elardus Park, no robbery

23 Jan – Capt. Anne-Marie Potgieter, 39, Loskop Holdings
Mutilated, murdered in battle
[Note: This was a very senior police child protection officer famous for destroying a Nigerian child prostitution ring and capturing serial rapist Peter Putter. More here]

7 Jan – Jenny Thornton, 58, Devon Bank farm, Montague, EC
Raped, gunned down – nothing robbed

4 Jan – Etna van Heerden, 53, Kromdraai farm wife, “Makhado”, LI
Nothing robbed, wife shot while saving elderly mother from attacker

Further reading:

Media bias in SA farm violence reporting

Incredible documentary on South African farm attacks

Brilliant Victor Hanson Davis on the peril of surrendering Western values

From the National Review Online:

The great wealth and leisure created by modern technology have confused some in the modern age into thinking that history is linear.

…But just as often civilization can regress. Indeed, it can be nearly lost in a generation, especially so now, with technology acting as an afterburner of sorts which warps the rate of change, both good and bad.

Who would have thought, after the Enlightenment and the advance of humanism, that a 20th-century Holocaust would redefine the 500-year-old Inquisition as minor in comparison?

Did we envision that, little more than 60 years after Dachau, a head-of-state would boast openly about wiping out the remaining Jews? Or did we ever believe in the time of the United Nations and religious tolerance that radical Muslims would still be seriously promising to undo the Reconquista of the 15th century?

Did any sane observer dream, in the era of UNESCO and sophisticated global cultural heritage preservation, that the primitive Taliban would blow up and destroy, with impunity, the iconic Buddhist statues chiseled into the sandstone cliffs of Bamiyan that had survived 1,700 years of war, earthquakes, conquests, and weather?

Surely those who damned the inadvertent laxity of the Americans in not stopping others from looting the Baghdad museum should have expressed far greater outrage at the far greater, and intentional, destruction inflicted by the Taliban.

Unless, that is, the issue of artistic freedom and preservation was never really the principle after all, but only the realistic calculation that, while George Bush’s immensely powerful military would not touch a finger of its loudest critic, a motley bunch of radical Islamic fascists might well blow someone up or lop off his head for a tasteless caricature in far off Denmark.

Please read the rest of this superb article.

'Maid in Japan' cafes treat geeks like lords

From Reuters Tokyo comes this gem:

“Welcome home, Master,” says the maid as she bows deeply, hands clasped in front of a starched pinafore worn over a short pink dress.

This maid serves not some aristocrat but a string of pop-culture-mad customers at a “Maid Cafe” in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, long known as a Mecca for electronics buffs but now also the centre of the capital’s “nerd culture”.

“When they address you as ‘Master’, the feeling you get is like a high,” says Koji Abei, a 20-year-old student having coffee with a friend at the Royal Milk Cafe and Aromacare.

“I’ve never felt that way before.”

Marbella on the Thames

From The Guardian:

For its architect, this new housing estate is an overdue return to modernist ideals. For its new inhabitants, it’s a vision of the Med in east London.

The first question likely to strike most people seeing Donnybrook Quarter is: “What’s that doing here?” Amid the drab brick and stained high rises of Bow, east London, this new, crisp, white city block looks like a piece of the Mediterranean that accidentally drifted up the Thames like an iceberg. It’s glaringly different and, at first glance, almost intimidatingly cool. It has already served as a backdrop for a fashion shoot in Wallpaper* magazine, it has an achingly hip one-word sales name – “Fabrika” – and its sales blurb talks about “21st century living”, which is surely marketing shorthand for “square people need not apply”. MORE