July 2005

The economics of Telenovellas

by Limbic on July 13, 2005

They are HUGE in Serbia. Spanish language schools in Belgrade are full of teenage girls learning Spanish to better follow them. It is the phenomenon of the Telenovella – or Spanish langue soap opera.

Where the passion is hot and the marketers follow” – International Herald Tribune


50 Writing Tools

by Limbic on July 13, 2005

Superb set of articles by top journalist.


What does it REALLY take to make 6-Figures as a service professional? by Catherine Franz

Over the past 30 years, I’ve read so much on how to make money that I know I can write a series of books on the topic, books that would cut through the junk and you don’t have to buy 101 things for each area.

Most of the information repeats itself — same author, different title and packaging or different author repeating someone else’s list. All the how-this and how-that was driving me crazy as to what is REALLY required to make $100,000 or more in revenue.

A few months ago, I decided to go on a pilgrimage to create a quick and easy-to-see, all-in-one-place list of whatit REALLY takes to generate a six-figure income as a service professional — accountant, coach, consultant, and other solopreneurs? Of course, the list is easy to read, but takes conscious awareness and consistency to achieve.

What this list did for me — it freed up valuable time that I was chasing for what I could possibly need in the future, it kept me focused, it increased clarity, and best of all I was able to narrow down my reading time. I also had a plan. Here’s the list of what I consider the top 50 — the list was actually 350 — but I chose the top ones and removed the repetitions. MORE

A commentor on Steve Pavlina’s blog added these:

1) Read a relevant book every two weeks so you know what youre doing
2) Ask questions and challenge unarticulated assumptions
3) Be thorough and meticulous
4) Guard against arrogance and inappropriate emotional investment
5) Relocate to a suitable city, if necessary
6) Maintain an orderly work area
7) Maintain above average grooming
8) Maintain above average dress
9) Dont let your weight get out of control
10) Smile


“The next time you plan to poison those voles digging up your garden, just remember that their families will probably miss them.

Recent studies conducted on voles by the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University and the Atlanta-based Center for Behavioral Neuroscience indicate that certain genetic material once thought to be relatively inert actually contributes to how the animals function as parents and in a social group.

The study centered around microsatellites, which are short, identical DNA sequences scattered throughout genomes (the genetic code of a species) and that can be repeated thousands of times. Earlier, scientists thought the microsatellites were simply filler, or “junk,” in an animal’s genome. The researchers, however, discovered that the more microsatellites a species has, the more likely it was to show empathy and care-giving behavior.” MORE


Two of my favourite public intellectuals in conversation.


Sperm-free sex keeps hens happily faithful

by Limbic on July 13, 2005

From the New Scientist: “Possessive cockerels use fake sex to keep their hens faithful. By merely mounting females – without bothering to waste precious sperm – cocks ensure their partners will not go looking for male competitors to fertilise them, a new study suggests. The finding may explain why males of many species – from insects to mammals – engage in seemingly meaningless sperm-free sex.

“Copulations that appear to be successful, but with no semen transferred, are almost ubiquitous,” says Tommaso Pizzari at the University of Oxford, UK, co-author of the study. “It suggests that this behaviour may be rather more than an accident or a by-product of males running out of sperm.”” MORE


I drew this…

by Limbic on July 12, 2005

Using one of these beautiful Java applets (Grappa RB)


Excellent new American Scientist Newsletter

by Limbic on July 12, 2005

From July 12 2005 Issue:

Cardinal’s Op-Ed on Evolution Redefines Church’s Position

Last week, Roman Catholic Cardinal Christoph Schnborn penned an op-ed in the New York Times that pulled back from the church’s position on evolution, denying that chance plays any role. “Evolution in the sense of common ancestry might be true,” he wrote, “but evolution in the neo-Darwinian sensean unguided, unplanned process of random variation and natural selectionis not.”

Times reporters Cornelia Dean and Laurie Goodstein contacted Schönborn for a follow-up piece. Schönborn told them that his essay had not been approved by the Vatican, but that Pope Benedict XVI had encouraged him to clarify and make explicit the church’s position. He also said that he was “angry” over what he called the misrepresentation of the church’s position as an endorsement of the idea that evolution is a random process.

The Times reported that Schönborn’s essay was submitted by a public relations firm called Creative Response Concepts, which also represents the Discovery Institute, the leading purveyor of “intelligent design.” Mark Ryland, a vice president of the Institute, told the Times that he had encouraged the cardinal to write the essay. Ryland serves on the board of the International Theological Institute, of which Schönborn is the chancellor.

That an influential cardinal struck out at the principle that serves as the foundation for all biology, and did so in collaboration with the Discovery Institute, rankled many scientists of faith. “There is a deep and growing chasm between the scientific and the spiritual worldviews,” said Francis Collins, who led the National Human Genome Research Institute. “To the extent that the cardinal’s essay makes believing scientists less and less comfortable inhabiting the middle ground, it is unfortunate. It makes me uneasy.”

Also in this issue:

Avian Flu Found in Migratory Geese Far from Disease’s Epicenter
Humans May Have Killed Off Big Mammals in Ancient Australia


Multiple explosions in London

by Limbic on July 7, 2005

It is so frustrating being here in Serbia trying to get news and information about the terrorist attacks in London.

At this point it seems to be a clever tactic of shutting down the tube network to force people onto the buses then blowing up buses.

One has already been destroyed. Packed those buses can have 100 people in them (normal max capacity 70)

As usual it is impossible to reach loved ones by mobile phone.


London Wins!!!!!

by Limbic on July 6, 2005

London gets the 2012 Olympics! Les Roastboefs say “Feuk Yeu Chirac”.