June 2005

add google maps™ directions to your site:

If you have a business which gets visitors to its premises you’ve probably created some kind of map yourself and maybe tried to write some generalised directions, but it can be tricky to get right. Using a simple form on your site you can also offer users a personalised map and directions courtesy of Google Maps. Just modify the appropriate code snippet below to include the destination and any extra formatting markup needed.


History of sampling

by Limbic on June 14, 2005

The History of Sampling – a superb infographic resource.


From the BBC: Albarn criticises Live 8 concerts

Albarn has sided with that unmentionable windbag at the Independent and the racists at the Black Information Link in criticising Live 8 and its organiser Bob Geldof for, for amongst other things, having a “hideously white” line up.

Apparently one is racist if one has a benefit concert for Africa and does not meet one’s quota of black performers.

None of the Live 8 detractors has bothered to explain why the organisers are required to invite black artists. Surely they are not suggesting that mere skin colour is the measure of someone’s fitness for invitation?

Perhaps excluded black artists will get their revenge when they have an urban music benefit concert for gay rights or a non-black cause but I suspect I may be waiting some time to see that.

In other news, Tsunami relief efforts by Comic Aid has also been denounced as racist and imperialist because not a single comic in the line up is Asian and a recent Tsunami Relief Book by internationally acclaimed authors has also been denounced as imperialist and racist after it was noted that of the 16 authors only one (Vikram Seth) is Asian.

It is hoped that the Black Information Link will not stoop to the tactics used by KKK campaigners when they ruined the Reggae for Chernobyl concert in 1987 because of its lack of white artists.

Finally, kerbside lunatics sympathetic to the aims of the Blank Information Link have denounced Nelson Mandela’s 2003 Aids Benefit concert held in South Africa as racist on Friday after it was revealed that only 6 of the 16 performing acts were black.

Crucial Comparison:

Hideously white” = 25,000 results. “Hideously black” = 150 results.


The love song of j. alfred prufrock by T.S. Eliot

Wonderful poem. There is an audio file of Eliot reading this poem too.


38 ways to win arguments

by Limbic on June 9, 2005

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Note template for every type of notemaking

by Limbic on June 9, 2005


Academic success requires various competencies, among them the ability to know and use a variety of tools and techniques to generate and organize information and ideas. I refer to the tools and techniques on this page as “notemaking” because “taking notes” is passive: just as we must make meaning, so we must make notes—in our head, on the page, and in our notebooks. None of the ideas here are new, though I hope the way I have designed these “school tools” helps you use them more effectively….With few exceptions, the tools and techniques listed here are appropriate for all classes; many use them in grades as low as fourth and fifth with success, though I do not have exemplars. The tools here are intentionally free of directions because their intuitive design allows for multiple uses. Over time I will try to add more exemplars for the different techniques so you can see these different uses.


The Mathematics of Love

by Limbic on June 9, 2005

We were able to derive a set of nonlinear difference equations for marital interaction as well as physiology and perception. These equations provided parameters, that allowed us to predict, with over 90 percent accuracy, what was going to happen to a relationship over a three-year period. The main advantage of the math modeling was that using these parameters, we are not only be able to predict, but now understand what people are doing when they affected one another. And through the equations we were now really able to build theory. That theory allows us to understand how to intervene and how to change things. And how to know what it is we’re affecting, and why the interventions are effective. This is the mathematics of love.

From: Edge: THE MATHEMATICS OF LOVE: A Talk with John Gottman

Gottman features heavily in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink”. His research is fascinating and this interview well worth a read.


Wikidpad goes goes opensource

by Limbic on June 9, 2005

The superb stand alone Windows Wiki/Notepad application, Wikidpad, has been converted to open source by its creator Jason Horman.



Kazakhstan’s Spaceship Junkyard

by Limbic on June 7, 2005

Via Slashdot:

Richard W.M. Jones writes “What happens to the booster stages of rockets? They fall back to earth, and in most cases into the oceans. But not in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, where the first stages fall over populated farmland. The locals have become rich dealing in the titanium-rich scrap metal as this article and this remarkable photo essay show. So far the only casualties seem to have been a few dead cows.”

The photo essay is a must see.


An elevator to space?

by Limbic on June 7, 2005

Not sci-fi at all. MORE