June 2005

BBC NEWS – Killer Blackwell’s fantasy life

Cautionary tale of a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Psychopath Lite) who ended up slaughtering his elderly parents.


Transphormetic – because data is nature

by Limbic on June 28, 2005

Beautiful renderings from random data and biological frequencies. Click samples below to go do generator page.




The Dolphin boat

by Limbic on June 27, 2005

First we had the Airscooter – a helicopter for every home. Now we have the Dolphin boat – an essential addition to every man’s water kit. Check out the photos below…

Dophineboat1 Dophineboat2

Dophineboat3 Dophineboat4

[Via BookofJoe , with thanks]


“Free-wife: Right to have children and to sexual pleasure from male ejaculation important; must give permission for coitus interruptus.

Slave-Wife: No right to children or to sexual pleasure from male ejaculation; no permission needed.”

[Via MediaFront]


Jobazaar – A job site with a difference

by Limbic on June 27, 2005

Need someone to mow your lawn, stack your books, help you with your garden, write that critical report, research hotels or just do whatever you might need? Simply go to the Job bazaar and post your job for free and review the applicants s they flood in.

Jobazaar is an online bazaar for every kind of job. Not necessarily occupations. You can quickly find someone doing something for you. It doesn’t matter what”.

It is free, you can navigate by tag, it has RSS feeds for every page – tags, jobs, your own offerings. In short, very promising.

Choose as many applicants as you like: You don’t have to choose a single person as the “winner” of your job. You can choose as many as you like. There’s no applicant that fits your job? Job already done? Close the job without having to choose an applicant.

Ratings and reputation: Applicants are sorted by a rating. After a job is done, applicant and provider of a job can rate each other. The rating contains a short comment and is available for everybody. That way you can get a good reputation and profit from your reputation in the future when you want to find a new job.

Ask questions: Does the job description simply not provide enough information? Go and ask for it! It’s really simple. Within seconds, your question is placed and you get informed when there is a reply ready for you.

A UK version is being considered for rapid roll-out.


Outsource A friend

by Limbic on June 24, 2005

“Too busy to maintain your friendships?
Have a friend you just don’t need anymore, but you don’t have time to end the friendship?
Just want to think about “me” for a bit, and not think about demanding, needy friends?

We’ve got the answer.



New, free Podcasts, Music and Video

by Limbic on June 24, 2005

CommonFlix, CommonBits, CommonTunes.


From The Telegraph (UK):


fat absorbing seat cushion

by Limbic on June 24, 2005

“The GasBGon flatulence filter seat cushion is a fun, yet serious solution to the embarrassing problem of malodorous gas (breaking wind).

GasBGon seat cushions apply cutting edge carbon filter technology to absorb the sound and odor that accompany flatulence. The unique cushioning property combines to form a dual filter technology to muffle the sound and the smell.” MORE

I have been spoofing people for year that there is charcoal in London Underground train seats to do the same job as the GasBon.


The Cessna CH-1 helicopter was never made in the end, but one of the original development team tells the story of what might have been. [More]