Gum blondes

From Mocoloco:

No standing on the corner, chewing bubblegum for Jason Kronenwald, the Toronto artist who creates pop cultured portraits out of masticated gum and plywood. He leaves the chewing to other, more eager mouths, freeing himself up for the forty to fifty hours necessary for each portrait. No paints or dyes are used: all colour mixing takes place behind closed mouths and the only tools needed for the application of the medium, other than a Swiss Army knife and a plastic roller, are fingers and thumbs. The final product is sealed in epoxy resin. Gum Blondes is the name of his series which includes Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Brigitte Bardot. From bubble gum pop to bubble gum pop culture.
Artist: Jason Kronenwald

A Checklist of Psychopathic Indicators



List of common psychopathic traits:

Glib and superficial charm; Grandiose sense of self-worth; Need for stimulation; Pathological lying; Conning and manipulativeness; Lack of remorse or guilt; Shallow affect; Callousness and lack of empathy; Parasitic lifestyle; Poor behavioral controls; Promiscuous sexual behavior; Early behavior problems; Lack of realistic, long-term goals; Impulsivity; Irresponsibility; Failure to accept responsibility for own actions; Many short-term marital relationships; Juvenile delinquency; Revocation of conditional release; Criminal versatility.

See also “Without Conscience” By Robert D Hare

Super Water Kills Bugs Dead

From Wired News:

A California company has figured out how to use two simple materials — water and salt — to create a solution that wipes out single-celled organisms, and which appears to speed healing of burns, wounds and diabetic ulcers.

The solution looks, smells and tastes like water, but carries an ion imbalance that makes short work of bacteria, viruses and even hard-to-kill spores.

Developed by Oculus Innovative Sciences in Petaluma, the super-oxygenated water is claimed to be as effective a disinfectant as chlorine bleach, but is harmless to people, animals and plants. If accidentally ingested by a child, the likely impact is a bad case of clean teeth.

A Children's Toy Saves Lives In Iraq

From Operation Truth:

US soldiers use radio controlled cars to see if suspect packages are IEDs

…we’re trying to figure out if the cardboard box in the middle of the road is merely a windblown piece of trash or a bomb planted there to kill us!

A young private in that platoon has one of those radio-controlled toy cars. When they find unidentifiable debris in the road, E.S. sends out his little RC car and rams it. If it’s light enough to be moved or knocked over, it’s too light to be a bomb, so we can approach it and get rid of it. If it’s heavy, we call EOD. At night, they duct tape a flashlight to the car.

The military actually has robots that it uses for such things, but they are larger, slower, higher-tech, and frightfully expensive. Only EOD units have them, and you could wait for hours and hours before they show up with their robot.

'Super Size Me' director turns to TV

From ABC News:

Morgan Spurlock made his name with the Oscar-nominated documentary “Super Size Me,” about the impact on his health of a month’s diet of McDonald’s burgers, shakes, chicken nuggets and soda.

Now he has developed the concept into “30 Days,” a television series that places people in unfamiliar social circumstances.

In one show, a conservative straight man tries living with a gay roommate. In another, a mother turns to binge-drinking to send a warning to her daughter. Spurlock also puts himself to the test by living on minimum wage for 30 days. MORE

How good was the Good War?

“On May 8, 1945, the war against Hitler’s Third Reich was won — and some of the victors’ most cherished myths were born”


…In the campaign from D-Day to V-E Day, something like 110,000 American soldiers were killed, as well as about half as many from the combined British-Canadian armies. That sounds formidable, and indeed is by today‚€™s standards, until you remember that in the same 11-month period more than half a million Russians were killed on the Eastern Front. Leaving aside the respective Allied casualties, to see how the war was won you need only compare two figures. In all the western campaigns of the war against French, British, Americans, and troops of many other lands, some 200,000 German soldiers died. Four million Germans died on the Eastern Front.

Behind this lies an awkward truth, one we didn‚€™t learn in the cheerful war comics and books of my boyhood in the 1950s, but on which all serious military historians are now agreed. From the beginning to the end of that war, whenever the British Army met the Wehrmacht on anything like equal terms, the Germans always prevailed. And that pretty much goes for the US Army too, from their first disastrous encounter with the Germans, at Kasserine Pass in North Africa, in early 1943. American and British commanders always took good care thereafter that they had an overwhelming superiority in men and especially in weaponry before engaging the enemy. MORE