November 2004

Journalistic hypocrisy

by Limbic on November 14, 2004

I am watching a BBC world special tonight about the Rory Peck Trust and the annual award the Trust gives for the best work by a freelance journalists.

Some of the trust’s work is for journalists in need around the world. The trust helps the journalists themselves and their families with money and support.

One of the people interviewed was saying that the these freelancers operate in places like Iraq where network employees are not allowed to operate.

In short, they do the dangerous work that companies like CNN and Sky will not ask their own employees to do.

BBC journalists were interviewed praising these journalists who do the dangerous work their network employed colleagues refuse (or are unable) to do. They pointed out that they are an essential element in the journalistic cover. Yet when privateer soldiers do the same thing in Iraq or Afghanistan because national governments will not send in their soldiers, those BBC journalists dismiss them as mere mercenaries.

These freelance journalists are no different from their freelance soldier fellows so if we are going to honour them (and we should) lets make sure we honour the unsung fighters freelancing for the coalition in Iraq.


Celebrity Bush haters silenced

by Limbic on November 4, 2004

Michael Moore’s site shown a picture of President Bush made by the looks of it out of the images of dead US soldiers.

He must be choking on his own tears somewhere these days.

The Washington Times reports that

Actress Sharon Stone, who stumped for Mr. Kerry in Wisconsin, reportedly was “traveling” yesterday. It wasn’t clear whether the “Basic Instinct” star had fled the country, as she had hinted that she might do if the Democratic nominee lost.

…”Sure, I feel terrible,” said New Yorker editor David Remnick, whose published endorsement of Mr. Kerry was a first for the magazine. “There are a lot of long faces today.”
And “Fahrenheit 9/11” propagandist Michael Moore’s Web site actually went silent.
That’s the same Mr. Moore who only a couple of weeks ago had paused in his anti-Bush road trip to opine: “I have a feeling that slackers are going to rise up in this election. The slacker motto is: Sleep till noon, drink beer, vote Kerry.”
George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire who went on his own 12-city speaking tour and spent an estimated $17 million on ads and get-out-the-vote drives to defeat the president, posted a message on his Web site describing himself as “distressed.”
“I’ll be back,” he wrote.
…Among the most shrill in past months: Jennifer Aniston, the “Friends” actress who called Mr. Bush “a [expletive] idiot.” Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who stumped for Mr. Kerry in Oregon and Florida and appeared in an ad for the Democrat on the Internet. Singer John Mellencamp, who described Mr. Bush as “a cheap thug.”
Cher also threw her wig in the ring, calling Mr. Bush “stupid and lazy” during a sparsely attended rally at a Miami Beach disco in Florida.
Al Franken is also a loser today; Dennis Miller a winner.
Sean Penn, Whoopi Goldberg and Meg Ryan: losers. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ron Silver and Angie Harmon: winners.
Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi lost their full-throated bids to play at an inaugural ball. Larry Gatlin and Brooks & Dunn, call your agents.
Rap impresario Sean “P. Diddy” Combs made his preferences known, without using the names “Bush” or “Kerry,” in urging the hip-hop nation to “Vote or Die.” Fellow rapper Eminem put in a belated appearance with the animated video for his venomous anti-Bush single “Mosh,” in which his “army” appears to veer from violence in the streets to voting at the polls.

“Celebrity testimonials may help [sell] erectile-dysfunction products,” Marty Kaplan, communications professor at the University of South Carolina, told Agence France-Presse, “but in politics, they’re mainly eye candy for the media.”


..and fat boy Michael Moore is seeking asylum in Cuba (I wish).

I am deeply, DEEPLY gratified that the sneering propagandist’s efforts have come to nothing.

Larry Flint has promised to leave the USA too. Lets see if he goes.

Thanks to Bin Laden for spurring a late surge for Bush (talk about blowback!)

I feel sorry for Kerry. I think he would have made a fine President, but he was a bit too dull. The Democrats ought to have gone for Dean.