July 2004

Arab TV translated and monitored [MEMRI]

by Limbic on July 6, 2004

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has clips and transcripts from Arab TV. It makes for frightening viewing. Whilst there are some liberal voices, the level of routine bigotry ought to shock you. If it does not, consider emigrating to Arabia.

Todays collection includes:

Sheik Khaled Al-Khlewi, Against Equality For Women

Iranian Leader, Khamenei: We Don’t Need An Atomic Bomb. We’ve Been Defeating America For 25 Years Without It

Sheik Hisham Khalifa, Secretary-General of Council of Lebanon’s Imams On Jews, usury, and The Etymology of The Word ‘Bank’

…and finally, this lovely clip:

Sheik Sau’d Al-Shreim in A Friday Sermon at Mecca’s Al-Haram Mosque: Western Women contemptible Merchandise in Houses of Whoring and Abomination.


Abelard links to some articles on gun control and its impact on crime levels in the UK. A thoroughly interesting read.


Good one from Mallard

by Limbic on July 2, 2004



Perfect desktop scratch pad

by Limbic on July 2, 2004


A 120 page 80gsm Vellum writing pad with tear out perforations and 4 punch holes per page or easy filing.

Available in the UK at Rymans & Office World.