Know thine enemy….

Received one of Declan McCullagh’s e-mails today with a story featuring Neal Horsley of fame ( Story ).

You may have heard about these sick bastards before, they put pictures of women who have had abortions up on their website.

I visited the site and left physically sickened. This sort of bullying psychopathy makes me so damned angry I want to hurt them. . This is the cutting edge of the sort of totalistic ideological idiocy that we Virians are so opposed to. Just look at the website [here]

Marvel at the ludicrous montage [ repentance.jpg ] featuring people holding badly photoshop’d signs saying “Homosexual must be arrested” etc.

Reading this site caused a surge of hatred to floated across my mind like an Indian storm. The arrogance, the pitiless judgmental cruelty of these people, the hate, the unforgiving hate. Is this insanity or some elemental wrongness we could label ‘evil’?

How can these people, even within the framework of their own references and twisted logic (i.e. the words of the Bible ), justify this sort of behavior?

“We were founded on the belief that there is too much information and most of it is of poor quality. It is too hard to find content of quality or interest. You must be proactive and know what you want in order to find it but how do you know you want it if you don’t even know what IT is?

OVERVIEW: Our goal at Backwash is to save you from Information Overload. To filter all content, not just news, and weed out the dross. We do this by grouping people into collaborative surfing communities which let like-minded people find content and products across all subjects. In effect, we are filtering and sorting the Internet by personalities rather than subject matter.”

“NewsBatch was begun in the hope that Americans will begin to more fully understand the issues which confront our nationally elected leaders and make more informed choices at the ballot box. Unfortunately many newspaper and television stories cannot be fully understood without an understanding of policy. NewsBatch attempts to fill this gap by summarizing key policy topics and illustrating this information with easy to read charts and maps. The links to the charts and maps are inserted into the text so the reader can choose whether to have the concept visually illustrated. Wherever possible, references are made to key Congressional votes on these topics and to how these problems are dealt with in other countries.”

“a Fat Albert club house full of fun stuff to read, useful book-related information and a place for bibliophiles to meet, share, hang out and drink Tang (sort of). Passionate readers of both Virgil and Iceberg Slim have more in common than we think. Each must jigger their time, dÈcor and budgets around this addiction we all enable and could never shake. “

Periods are punishment for not being preggernent (sic)

“a Period is Not somthing you Want to dwell upon, i Can assure you Paun, but it Was once beleafed that ‘the Currs’ was givened By god to Wommen in revenge, for as the Jeasus lay hanging on the cross didst Not the Lesbien Roman Gards stab him in The vagina? ye, this wouldst be justyfication enouff, for our God Is a vengeful God and will Not hath women messing with his Kids.

but The trueth is much simpler than That, and Invoalveth NOT revenge; The periods Are simpley gods Way of pundishing men For not keeping thear wimmen preggernent enouff. wommen Crave the condition of preggernancy and it Is a mans duty to insure that even if she is NOT preggernent she is At least trying . and besides, Paol, if He dident Want you to use Yoar god-Givened-Peaness then he wouldst Not have given you 1 in the fist place .”

The 14th Disciple

British ISPs Must Be Ready to Eavesdrop on Users by August

Via Netsurf Digest:

The UK’s Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) mandates that ISPs must be able to intercept their customers’ data by Aug. 1 but it appears that the exact way this is to be done has not been set or told to the ISPs. The RIPA does have some exceptions: for example, ISPs with fewer than 10,000 users don’t have to meet the requirements nor do financial institutions. The rules that govern the spying are supposed to establish what data is to be intercepted and stored and for how long. None of this seems to be in place, causing confusion and resistance among the ISPs affected by the law. ZDNet UK has the full story and a detailed analysis of the RIPA and how it affects online communications.


China Inc. – prepare to learn Mandarin, the Chinese are taking over…

Via Netsurfer Digest:

An extensive article in Strategy and Business makes the startling claim that China is evolving into a powerful geopolitical entity, the nation as corporation, which combines central control with decentralized freedom. It’s a challenging thought for those who believe that it requires the political freedom of democracy allied with economic liberty to unlock the full potential of people and nations. Of course, right now, China is very much a work in progress, an amazing balancing act that could yet tumble. However, if China can pull this off, do what Russia was never able to, and develop economic power within a state under strict political control, it will indeed change the global balance of economic and political power. CNET provides a nice complement to the Strategy and Business article with a three-part piece on the people, the brainpower, and the software prowess of China. Together, the two links provoke powerful thoughts on a topic of unparalleled importance in understanding the future.

Link: Strategy and Business
Link: CNET

Anti-Spam Legislation Opposed By Powerful Penis-Enlargement Lobby

“WASHINGTON, DCóEfforts to pass legislation restricting Internet “spam”óunsolicited mass e-mails usually for advertising purposesóare meeting with strong resistance from the nation’s powerful penis-enlargement lobby.

Denny Garner, president of the National Association of Penis Enlargers, makes his case before a House subcommittee. “If this legislation passes, the government would, for all intents and purposes, be taking three to four inches off America’s cocks,” said Denny Garner, president of the National Association of Penis Enlargers (NAPE), speaking to reporters Monday. “For millions of poorly hung American men, spam is a vital source of information about penis-enlargement options, and our elected officials have no right to take it away from them.”

Dontcha just love The Onion…

An Israeli view of foreign news coverage of the Israeli affairs

“When one watches the foreign news channels covering the goings-on in one’s own backyard, there is a sense of inevitable alienation. One reporter described the area around Tel Aviv’s old central bus station as “a working- class suburb of Tel Aviv.” Well, each country has its own definition of suburbia.

The BBC’s commentators, generally Brits of Arab descent, are no friends of Channel Two’s Ehud Ya’ari. They are sour-faced, angry, focused almost exclusively on the occupation. They always make sure to point out that the terror attack is “according to Israeli sources,” and not a factual attack.

In this respect, CNN has not improved. Even as the bodies are being carried off-screen, the reporter reminds viewers that “the Israeli military is calling this a terror attack.” Who knows – maybe spontaneous explosions have become a naturally occurring phenomenon in Israel? Maybe the correct channel to report on them would be National Geographic, not CNN.

Sky News has its own agenda. Wednesday’s terror attack in Tel Aviv was just one of the many stories being covered that night, and not one that was necessarily more important than disappointing British weather – something of a national obsession in the United Kingdom.”