So maybe 'race' is biologically meaningful after all?

Race Is Seen as Real Guide to Track Roots of Disease – New York Times

Challenging the widely held view that race is a “biologically meaningless” concept, a leading population geneticist says that race is helpful for understanding ethnic differences in disease and response to drugs.

The geneticist, Dr. Neil Risch of Stanford University, says that genetic differences have arisen among people living on different continents and that race, referring to geographically based ancestry, is a valid way of categorizing these differences.

Essays the Easy Way by Hermit

“Start at the end.

What you want the recipient to do.
Not to think, to do.

Begin by writing the conclusion with a desired outcome action.

What do you want the recipient to do after reading it.

Having written that, consider what the necessary prerequisites are to make them see that as the only possible reasonable cause of action. Then flesh those out.

Next consider what “common sense” or memeplexii you have conflicted with – and fix it so you don’t. Competing with existing memplexii is futile. You will lose. For example:If you say, cryopreservation won’t work – no matter how reasonable your grounds, you will lose the attention of the cryopreservation enthusiasts.
If you say “Better than God” to an Christian, his existing memeplexii will immediate turn you into a missionary of Satan…etc.

At this point, writing an introduction should be easy. All you have to do is examine your “supporting” paragraphs and then write a suitable passage explaining why these points are important (i.e. why you have inserted them).

It is preferable if, in the introduction, you can introduce the idea which you would like action taken on. People are sheep and typically have terrible comprehension skills. Telling them, I am going to tell you, followed by telling them, and summarizing with “Do this” stands a much better chance of being understood and acted upon.

This “bottom-up” construction method has the immense benefit of avoiding the temptation to follow extraneous threads and confuse the issues.
Try not to accomplish more than one aim in a single letter, else you will just confuse the recipients.

I would add, that it is always much easier to precise the work of, or advise others than to deal with your own work.

So forgive me for not always living up to these high ideals :-)£”

Better loving through chemistry – redux

“Why do guys sulk after a fight with their girlfriends instead of talking the problem to death? It’s the hormone, stupid!”

Do you think this high could be related to Oxytocin, prolactin, dopamine and other so called love hormones?

Phenylalanine in large quantities, that are converted into Tyrosine that is again metabolized into the love hormone Dopamine…

The Hottentot Venus returns to Africa 200 years after her abduction

“The first time Saartjie Baartman was dragged out to squat before the mob at 225 Piccadilly, the show’s promoters billed her genitals as resembling the skin that hangs from a turkey’s throat. For several years, working-class Londoners crowded in to shout vulgarities at the protruding buttocks and large vulva of the unfortunate woman made famous across Europe as the “Hottentot Venus”. The aristocracy were no less fascinated at what they saw as a sexual freak, but they had private showings. Death in Paris a few years later treated the young woman from South Africa’s Eastern Cape little better than life. She was carved up by Napoleon’s surgeon, who made a cast of her body, pickled her genitals and brain, and put her skeleton on display in a museum.”
Chris McGreal, “Coming Home”, The Guardian (UK), 21/02/2002

The story of Sarah Baartman, The Hottentot Venus, concerns the ritual humiliation and violation of a young African woman who was abducted to Europe in 1809 and subjected to vile humiliations and brutality.

For 5 years she was paraded semi-naked across Europe as a sexual freak known as the ‘Hottentot Venus’. She became an icon racial inferiority and black female sexuality. Her large buttocks (steatopygia), a feature of her people, was of particular fascination to European spectators. She was made to display her naked buttocks and vagina to the mobs, ostensibly to demonstrate their “excessive size”. [cite]

She became the focus of both research by contemporary racial scientists (who sought to use her as “proof” of the inferiority of the African “race”) and the Abolitionist movement, who saw her treatment as a graphic example of the inhumanity and brutality meted out to slaves and other ‘inferior’ people both in Europe and abroad.

[ This French print entitled “La Belle Hottentot” illustrates the sensation generated by the spectacle of “The Hottentot Venus” ]

Sarah died alone in 1815 at the age of 25, her final living humiliation being invasively examined by a team of ‘scientists’ for three days. [cite]

Immediately after her death she was autopsied by French anatomist Baron Cuvier(1769 -1832) who “had her body cast in wax, dissected and her skeleton articulated. Her genitalia and brain were preserved, and displayed at the Museum of Mankind in Paris until as recently as 1974.” [cite]

According Lola Young, writing in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, in the 5 years Sarah was in Europe “she was written about, drawn in cartoons, became the subject of a play, was referred to in a court case and the House of Commons – and yet hardly anyone today knows about her significance in 19th- century abolitionist struggles or in the development of “scientific” racism.” [cite]

To this day few Europeans have even heard of her.

Sarah’s remains were returned to South Africa from France in May 2002. She is to be buried in Hankey, near the Gamtoos River in the Eastern Cape, South Africa on the 9th August 2002. A memorial in her honour is to be built near the South African Parliament in the near future.

For more information see:

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A sculpture of Sarah by Willie Bester, a South African artist [image][story]

Alien nation

“In a bare bedroom, I filmed 15-year-old Richard singing along to a track by Afroman. The lyrics described girls smelling like a fish shop and a girl being raped and buggered. I asked Richard if he thought the song portrayed girls accurately. “Yeah, most girls,” he said. He then told me about a 14-year-old girl who had been raped by “about 10 boys”. They had stolen her phone and she had had the cheek to run after them and demand it back. “They rode her like a dog, man,” said Richard. He thought she had been stupid and had advised her to let the phone go. “She asked for it,” he said.”

Another gang rape in Ealing…

Is it linked with this one?

Other gang rapes in Lodon in recent years…

Update: Girls, 15, in gang rape horror – NEW

Three hunted in gang rape

Teenagers gang raped by up to 15 Asians

Trio rape teenager

Driver took fare to be raped

14-year-old girl ‘gang raped by four youths’

Police hunt rape trio – June 11, 2001

Student ‘was raped in car after evening’s drinking’

Woman abducted and raped by gang

Woman dragged from bus and gang-raped

Racism, rape and political correctness
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Canal bank gang rape #1

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Gang ‘put Japanese student through two-day sex ordeal’

"A Physicist Investigates the Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Postmodern Faux Left"

“In its 1996 Spring/Summer issue (pp. 217-252), Social Text journal published an article by Allan Sokal, Professor of Physics at New York University, entitled “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity.” The article was a hoax submitted, according to Sokal, to see “would a leading journal of cultural studies publish an article liberally salted with nonsense if (a) it sounded good and (b) it flattered the editors’ ideological preconceptions?” It would.[ Source]

The spoof article: “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity

Sokal’s comments on the affair are here.

An excellent portal dedicated to the incident.

Postmodernism Disrobed by Richard Dawkins.