May 2002

Understanding power

by Limbic on May 31, 2002

“My theory of power centers around Power Networks, and assumes that all people are motivated by survival instincts to seek, consolidate, and capitalize power.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
-Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887.

In the 115 years since that was spoken, few people still fully grasp the idea of “power”. We speak of people as “rich and powerful”, always instrinsically connecting money to power. What most people (especially here at K5) fail to understand that money and power are equatable. Power is far better than money. ”



“The European Parliament passed a controversial measure Thursday that would allow countries to force telecommunication companies to keep detailed records of customers’ data for snooping purposes.

The Parliament passed the Communications Data Protection Directive, 351 to 133, despite an aggressive campaign by civil liberties groups who say the measure would enable police to spy on citizens.

Parliament members who voted for the directive say police need to access transmission data for e-mail, phone calls, Internet use, faxes, and pager messages to deter terrorist attacks. The directive would permit authorities to direct telecom companies to store such data for indefinite time periods.”



Evolution, Males, and Violence

by Limbic on May 31, 2002

A brilliant essay by David Barash on sex differences, violence..and well…life in general:

People are generally insensitive to whatever permeates their lives. So, if you were to ask someone to describe human violence, only rarely would you hear that it is overwhelmingly perpetrated by males. And yet, the truth is that if we could eliminate or even significantly reduce male violence, we would pretty much get rid of violence altogether. The maleness of violence is so overwhelming that it is rarely even noticed; it is the ocean in which we swim.

What might be called the “killing establishment” — soldiers, executioners, hunters, even slaughterhouse workers — is overwhelmingly male. Underworld killers such as violent gangs are also peopled largely by men. Whenever seemingly unprovoked and deadly shootings occur in homes and workplaces, men are typically the mass murderers. Nor is this imbalance limited to the United States: Whether in Kosovo, Rwanda, Cambodia, the Middle East, Guatemala, or Afghanistan, when people kill and maim other people, men are nearly always the culprits. And of course, the lethal operatives of Al Qaeda and its equivalent are reliably male, as are those sent to combat them.”



Big in japan

by Limbic on May 29, 2002

The British embassy in Tokyo has issued a leaflet to local shopkeepers to avoid ‘misunderstandings’. Here are a few exerpts:

“What is an England supporter? The behaviour of England supporters is different from that of football fans in Japan. They tend to move in groups. Before the start of the game they gather in bars, parks and open spaces, where they display their flags. While drinking beer and singing, they raise their expectations for the match. By wearing their England shirts, they express their pride in their mother country.

During the game, they are focused only on the events on the pitch. You could say that they feel 100% at one with the players and their fellow fans.

After the match, supporters lose a little of their enthusiasm for the game. Celebrating a win or commiserating a loss, they will analyse the match in detail over a final beer. After that they’ll just go back to their hotel to sleep. That doesn’t change whether they win or lose.

Some supporters are very noisy. You might feel frightened by their big bodies and their large numbers. But please don’t view them only as a threat. Be generous and try to understand how mad they are about football. Share that understanding with them.

Trying to communicate: Memorising just a few phrases of English such as “Welcome”, “Can I help you?” and “England are a great team” can make quite a difference.

Have writing implements, paper and dictionaries to hand. When you come across someone with a strong accent, you can sometimes get by through writing things down.

Even if your bar is full, that won’t stop supporters trying to come in. They might buy alcohol to take outside and drink in the street or in parks, so it’s a good idea to think about serving drinks in plastic cups.

When British people throw away their rubbish, they don’t separate it into different categories. It might be useful to put an English sign on each bin indicating what to put where. “



Sex in prisons…

by Limbic on May 28, 2002

..OK so it is not all booty bandits and being a prison wife and owning a bitch or being a chump. Prison sex, in the UK at least, appears to be:

Some screw screwing (having sex with prison officers)
A smatering of homosexuality
Mostly masturbation…

There’s no need to be an academic to deduce that getting your end away in nick – heterosexually speaking that is – is pretty difficult at the best of times. What’s that I hear? So it should be, these are criminals we’re talking about. Well, go with me on this one, and I will try to unravel the can of worms that is sexuality in our country’s prisons…



Make babies now!

by Limbic on May 28, 2002

There have been a whole rush of scare stories and books to frighten mothers who plan to have their children late.

This article explains how waiting to have a baby is an evolutionary mistake. It will, according to a recent study, lead to the “likely eventual extinction of the older mother’s lineage.”

This follows closely from the furore that surrounded the publican of Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s “Creating a Life” in which she kicked off baby panicwhen she rightly pointed out that the older women get, the less fertile they become.

See The Talk of the Book World Still Can’t Sell from the New York Times or Making Time for a Baby from

Tough times for those childless singles….better get a breedin’ there folks.


Dem limey poofs…

by Limbic on May 28, 2002

From: “ray hartman”
Subject: poor gelded bas*ards


So spammy-poos are coming after the brit-twit. Poor Brit bastards ya used ta be tough. Till the Gv’mnt tit became more important than
Brit-yeoman-steel. And the damnable OxBridge culture less important than the next ecstasy tab ta stick up yer arse. More’s the pity.

‘Course now us Yank dsl-rubes keep our Winchesters and Mauser-98s well oiled, so while the byte_wogs may get us, the first-one-thru-the-door gets sent ta hell. Remember? Ya used ta be like that also. Ya taught us why and how ta do it. More’s the pity.

ray hartman
spokane, wa.


Yet again I see that when women are violent towards men all manner of excuses are trotted out to justify the murder/wounding /emasculation and judges/juries accept them. It is just another example of the legal systems terrible bias against men – be they victims or perpetrators or the accused.

As I wrote last year in this forum ( Thread )

“Male life is cheap. 10 years of abuse earns you the right to burn your husband alive and get a reward for it!…[There is a trend towards] the acquittal ( not conviction for manslaughter ) of women who murder their husbands then claim PMT / abused etc (often without corroborating evidence) to get off. This is the gender version of black rage defence and is as grossly discriminatory , bigoted and absurd as its racial cousin.”

Two more cases today….

Axe killer not guilty of murder
“Charlton admitted inflicting 20 blows to the head and shoulders of Danny O’Brien, but denied murder – claiming she acted in self defence when Mr O’Brien threatened to kill her and abuse and kill her three-year-old daughter”

Hard to get the dead guy’s version of events….

Web tryst led to stabbing
“A woman who stabbed her sleeping husband after he formed a relationship on the internet with a woman dubbed the Ice Lady, has been cleared of attempted murder. ”

So men, if you are accused or rape, your identity is made public – your accuser is anonymous. Even if you are acquitted, your reputation is permanently destroyed.
If you fall victim to female violence, it is likely you will be blamed for the violence visited upon you and your attacker will be exonerated or treated leniently.
If you commit a crime with a woman, you can be almost certain that you will accused of being the manipulator and your female accomplice will be let of with a fraction of your charge.
If the mother of your children murders them, it is likely that she will be treated sympathetically.

Equality before the law? Gender equality? Equal rights? Yeah right…..


Problems with SA rugby

by Limbic on May 27, 2002

Ferdi Greyling ponders the decline of South African rugby in

The problems with SA rugby. (My book The Problem With The World to
follow soon.)

This after a newspaper article quoting Laurie Mains and listening to
Balie Swart (SA man helping Mains in NZ now), Naas Botha and Joost on
TV last night.

Mains said the problem is in the structure. The way SA rugby gets
disorganized by management.
He said it is as easy as this: To do well in the S12, you have to keep
the same team for a stretch and develope that team.
He said you can lose two players for the next season but when you
start losing up to 6 players you are fucked.
In SA teams gets chopped and changed.
The management (Sarfu) does not work for consistency.
That does not, however, explain the Sharks and the Stormers who have
been pretty consistent for a number of seasons.

Naas said he actually asked players about instructions (on Bok level)
and they told him they are playing under orders and strict game plans.
They were also told not to go for the half gap as that is a risky
thing to do.

In tha past on this programme Joost has also hinted that he is not
allowed to play as he can best play. He also in the past have
mentioned that sometimes he arrived at a breakdown and he has to fight
for the ball because the forwards are standing in the backline and
that is why a forward has to clean the ball at times.
They referred to Gregan who NEVER has to go and challenge for the ball
against opposition forwards and gets the ball laid out for him neatly
by HIS forwards. Basic stuff really…..

Balie Swart said with the Highlanders they know that players cannot
remember and execute more than 4 thing in games. So they keep it
They hone the basic skills, keep the instructions simple and play
rugby. Unlike SA rugby where the air is filled with black boards with
intricate game plans, it seems.

Swart also said in NZ there are two sacred things in rugby: The
players and the supporters.

The coach has the job of making it as smooth as possible for the team.

(In SA we also have sacred things in rugby. They are: The salaries of
the officials, the contracts of the players, the franchises at the
stadium, the vision of the coach, the ads on the jerseys, the sponsors
and the racial quota of the team.)

In another article the Brumbies told of how they live and train. They
play LESS rugby than SA with 7 to 8 weeks of rest and build up between
the S12 and the latter part of the season (that is when we bash each
other in the Currie Cup). They – the Brumbies – also live in one
housing complex. They are very much a team.

They use the long off seasons to get fit and build muscle etc. Comes
the S12 they work on tactics etc.

In SA our players use the short off season over December to get their
operations done.

We have sponsors to feed….. Ad companies to please….. contracts to
honour is other countries etc.

In short. SA rugby is being sacrificed to: 1. Money. 2. Coaches who
think rugby is a brand of philosophy. 3. Politicians who think rugby
is an extension of politics.

Go on like this and it will surely die.



The grub becomes the butterfly…

by Limbic on May 27, 2002

Another story of a high profile defection of a top leftie to the right. “The Devil and Mr. Hicks – How one of L.A.ís leading lefties joined forces with David Horowitz and Southern Californiaís conservative elite”…

Then there is Joe Hicks, whose attendance at this party would strike some of his old friends as not only odd but blasphemous. Still, the veteran black political activist looks perfectly comfortable yakking away with Manny Klausner, one of the most energetic advocates and a co-author of the anti-affirmative-action Proposition 209 approved by California voters in 1996. You’d never know that Hicks had once tirelessly battled both Klausner and his ballot initiative. What’s more, Hicks not only spoke out against 209 in 1996, but has for several decades been a veritable fixture on the L.A. multicultural left, once serving as a union publicist, later as the ACLU spokesman, then as a leader of several civil rights organizations and most recently as the City Hall human- relations commissioner. So what’s a guy like Hicks doing at a party for a guy like Horowitz?

For many on the left, the answer is downright haunting. Hicks isn’t just hobnobbing with Horowitz. Since last December, he’s been working with Horowitz. Joe Hicks, one of the city’s most respected leftists, has defected. Joe Hicks has switched sides.