April 2002

An excellent portrait of Courtnay Griffiths

by Limbic on April 30, 2002

“To my mind that was the right verdict,” says Griffiths, who believes the trial was driven by the “politics of race”. “Questions have to be asked as to the propriety of bringing this prosecution based on the evidence they had. The officer in charge of the investigation said he couldn’t discontinue the case because it would have a damaging effect on the Met. That has to be a reference back to Stephen Lawrence: they couldn’t have another unexplained death of a black child in south London. This was their opportunity to redeem themselves.”

…”Whereas I was exposed to blatantly racist and discriminatory attitudes when I entered the profession, to claim that that has been the case in the last 15 years would be a lie. I wouldn’t be chairman of the Bar’s Public Affairs Committee if it were so. I feel part of it – and I’m very much pleased to be so.” If that sounds complacent, his absorption into the establishment remains partial. His comments on the recent furore over criminality among young black men, which erupted after the editor of the black newspaper The Voice urged the police to extend their use of stop and search, are carefully worded but caustic.

“There are issues to be addressed around crime within black communities, and I think those black communities are starting to throw up these questions themselves,” he says. “But throw into the equation David Blunkett’s plans for reforming the police and you can perceive why a police force which sees itself as being under attack sees an advantage in creating a moral panic to keep their political masters off their backs.”



The final chapter of Kenneth Minogue’s brilliant political primer provides a concise
analysis of our modern political malaise. For those struggling to understand the
rise of political apathy, the slow death of democracy or the rise of extremisms and
those seeking to adapt to the new political world, I strongly recommend getting and
reading the book.

I present, in the meantime, the final chapter which neatly summarises much of what
the little book says:



“Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar considers multiculturalism, for example, to be one of the great threats to Europe. “Multiculturalism is precisely what splits society,” he said. “It is
not living together. It is not integration.” – Guardian.


Anna Kournikova is suing Penthouse over fake topless photos that the magazine published in its June issue. It was clearly a ruse to give its dwindling readership a boost.

Penthouse reported last month that it was in financial trouble blaming the internet for soaking up custom. This is evidence of just how desperate they have become.


Saudis and Iranians getting paly…

by Limbic on April 30, 2002

..spells bad news for the rest of us (non-members of the Ummah).



Arts Council invests heavily in anarchy

by Limbic on April 30, 2002

The Arts Council are at it again. Not happy distributing lottery money
is flagrantly racist way and trying to impose racial quotas on the
Theatre industry, it has been funding anarchists to the tune of 40K.=20

“Anarchist leaders plotting the May Day demonstrations
across London are organising their protests with the help of an Arts
Council grant. They are planning a timetable for mayhem on an internet
site hosted by a company that has received =A343,000 of taxpayers’ money
in the past two years…”Mayday celebrates an ancient cultural festival
and arguably that is an artistic event.” [said a

Time to shut these idiots down before they start investing our money in
Al Qaeda?

From: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/dynamic/news/story.html?in_review_id=568453


Sexual desire boosted by breastfeeding odours

by Limbic on April 30, 2002

“The sexual desire of women is boosted by the odours given
off by breastfeeding women and newborn babies, researchers have
found…[It] strengthens the argument that human pheromones exist and
still exert a subtle influence over us…

The new study reveals a more subtle effect. While the women smelling the
breastfeeding compounds did not report increased sexual activity – this
behaviour was most obviously influenced by the absence or presence of a
partner – they did report significantly heightened and more enduring
sexual desire and fantasies…

The chemicals encourage other women to reproduce, and that they may have
evolved as a signal that the environment is suitable for raising young.
In many cultures, newly- wed young women are encouraged to spend time
around new mothers to increase their own chances of having children…

[Richard Young, psychologist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova
Scotia says]”Maybe the high progesterone acts like an androgen, maybe
it’s the weirdest of possible things and they’re producing male-like



Death of the West and all that…

by Limbic on April 29, 2002

An interesting take on this post on Pat Buchanans latest book


“I think its likely that the whole issue may be rendered obsolete by the
advance of genetic engineering or, more distant future, nanotech.
Arguments about the colour of skin, racial differences in birth rate etc
will be small fry compared to a genetic “Underclass”.=20



HIV maven tips tiny town into panic

by Limbic on April 29, 2002

O’ what a story…city bad boy from Chicago comes to tiny South Dakota college town (pop 12,000) and single handedly sparks an HIV epidemic.

Nikko Briteramos (18) has been
charged with knowingly having unprotected sex since learning of his HIV status. “After that individual knew that he was HIV positive . . . he was discovered having unprotected sex with a partner who did not know,” Gov. William Janklow said Friday at a news conference. “That, my friends, is no different from pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger.”

“two individuals known to have had contact with him have tested positive for the virus. Scores more who tested negative initially have been told they must be retested over the next six months…”

The LA Times has the story

See also the astonishing story of the Lost Children of Rockdale County

In 1996 there was a massive Syphilis outbreak amongst young teenagers in the Michigan county of Rockdale – a wealthy middle class area. It transpired that a group our young girls – aged between 13 and 16 – were regularly meeting up with groups of local boys for orgies.

The scale of the activities, and the sheer…umm…pornographic explicitness of the encounters is remarkable.

The interview with the Claire Sterk, one of the academics who investigated the outbreak, is particularly fascinating. She gives some indication of the depravity that these children sank to:

“What is a sandwich? We heard that term.

… In some ways the sandwich was the point of escalation. It was the
point when a number of them became really, really scared. What I
understand sandwich to be is one girl having oral sex with one of the
men. Having vaginal sex with another man and having anal sex with a
third man. So she literally is smushed in between three guys and the
only way that I’ve heard it described by some of the teens is a

Disturbing reading.


"Shaikh Al-Buraik, your herd is

by Limbic on April 29, 2002

“Shaikh Al-Buraik, your herd is apostating. The Ummah shrinks. Mammon takes your children”